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Empowering your innovation-driven business to grow at pace

Helping your business to make step changes towards scale.

We empower innovation-driven businesses like yours to grow at pace and achieve their industry- and society-transforming ambitions.
Once you engage with us, a dedicated innovation and growth specialist will work closely and efficiently with your leadership team to gain an intimate understanding of your needs.
We will help you to identify the most effective strategy to accelerate your business’ growth and maximise its potential. And we aim to give you access to the resources to deliver, from investor networks to IP expertise and international partnerships.


So, if you are an established innovative small to medium sized business with great potential, take the next step on your growth journey with us.

Protect & harness your IP, improve innovation management and access the innovation ecosystem globally through our expertise & networks.
Find the best option and get investment ready with our help, to propel your growth.
Connections & guidance to expand into vertical & international markets and achieve scale.

What our clients say about us

Mark Hewitt ICAX

We’re thriving in a disruptive sector with Innovate UK EDGE support. Its strategic input has been invaluable to help grow our business

Mark Hewitt ICAX
Peter Mountney of Odin Vision

Innovate UK EDGE helped me grow my innovation-led business so we can create a new era of AI-enabled healthcare

Peter Mountney Odin Vision

The 9 Dimensions of Growth

Through a deep dive analysis at the outset of our engagement with you, we can tailor our support to help you set and realise growth and innovation goals for your business. Here is a preview of the areas we address:

We’ll help you prioritise issues to tackle

Vision and Strategy

Establishing the ambition and vision of the company, validating the opportunity and developing the strategy, business model and road map to realise this. Covering

  • Clarity of vision and market opportunity.
  • Level of ambition for your growth life cycle stage.
  • Validation of business model - desirability / feasibility / viability.
  • Management procedure.
  • Innovation culture.

Understanding the alignment between the company’s innovation strategy and the key political, environmental and economic drivers.

Market Readiness and Alignment

Understanding and exploiting the commercial potential of your product/service/technology and equipping you for market readiness.

Building on industry knowledge of market size, industry trends, the value chain and the identification of the right value proposition for key customer segments.

Innovation Process

Evaluating your current innovation strategy, processes and methodologies to identify how we can help your innovation commercialise and practice be more effective. Covering:

  • Idea generation.
  • Idea evaluation, prioritisation and investigation.
  • Innovation development.
  • Project management.
  • Processes for successful commercialisation.
  • Monitoring and review of innovation.
  • Innovation management standard.
  • Internal Capability.

Internal Capability

Evaluating the business growth, technical skills and experience within the organisation to help shape a more effective structure and deliver against growth ambitions and innovation potential. Covering:

  • Business models for growth.
  • Skills.
  • Key strengths & weaknesses.
  • Operations.
  • Experience.
  • Drivers and enablers.
  • Change management.


Ensuring business readiness for and experience of collaboration for the purposes of business growth and scaling as well as research and technology transfer.

Intellectual Property

Helping to maximise market and investor potential through the utilisation of Intellectual Property Rights, covering:

  • Effective identification, protection and exploitation strategies.
  • Developing awareness and processes to identify, capture and manage IP, together with ensuring terms and contracts for staff and third parties reflect IP ownership.
  • Developing and delivering commercialisation strategies with respect to business model and market introduction, or the licensing out of IP.


Establishing the structures and data frameworks to enable the effective measurement, analysis and management of every aspect of the business to help drive improvements, shape strategy and guide operational effectiveness.

  • Innovation goal setting.
  • Innovation project performance.
  • Innovation impact for the company.
  • Market and societal impact.
  • Performance management.

Sourcing Support for Growth

Helping identify the best sources of support, to achieve your growth ambitions and objectives for the business. Covering:

  • Engaging with publicly funded and commercial / private sector business support.
  • Business support ecosystem awareness in general.
  • Involvement in business accelerator programmes.
  • Engaging with the local business and innovation community.
  • Awareness of national programmes.
  • Awareness of local programmes.
  • Engagement with support providers to achieve better results.

Finance for Growth

Understanding the financial needs of the business to support growth and scaling ambitions.

  • Business financial health & management: reserves and cash situation.
  • Financing research, innovation and growth.
  • Public grant funding programmes.
  • Debt finance.
  • Private/equity investment: investment readiness.
  • HMRC schemes (Including R&D Tax Credits and EIS).

Our work in action

Innovate UK EDGE has brought my R&D-intensive business huge benefits. We have doubled in size this year and its scaling support has been critical

Paul Holt Photocentric

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