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Harness intellectual property

Intellectual property


Harness your intellectual property to fuel growth

In conjunction with the Intellectual Property Office (IPO), we are offering IP Audit grants of up to £2,500, with a contribution of £500 from you, to subsidise an IP audit carried out by an IP professional of your choice.

The participating business should be receiving intensive business growth support from an innovation and growth specialist. I.e. this initiative is not available independently from our core service.


IP is the backbone of what we’re raising investment on, and we’ve secured funds that wouldn’t have been possible without the IP audit.

Tom Birbeck, CEO, ARC Marine

Why you should focus on intellectual property

Security: well-managed IP can protect your business from competitive action and the malicious or unintended actions of your staff, customers and suppliers. 

Investment: an understanding of the intellectual property in your business can help you raise finance. Whether it be equity, debt or grant funding, any potential investor will want to know what IP you own or use, its value and if it is protected.

Growth: explore how to exploit your IP to create new revenue streams, enter new markets or increase the value of your business. Consider new income streams and the value generated by licencing, franchising and brand-building.

Interested in taking your IP strategy to the next level? 

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The IP audit was extremely thorough, practical and useful, with a simple summary of actions and priorities, which was exactly what I wanted.

Samantha Mant, CEO, Halcyan Water


Please find a case study of Raplas Technologies below, which benefited from IP Audit and IP Access. 




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