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Proposals for an EU digital levy

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Deadline: 13th April 2021


The European Commission is looking to put forward proposals for a digital levy, to get a fairer contribution from companies that operate in the digital sector and support the economic recovery in Europe.


With the COVID-19 crisis, businesses and people have moved towards a more digital world, triggering important changes in behaviour that could have lasting effects. Technological advancements and digitalisation are changing the way we work, do business, how people travel, communicate and relate. These changes give rise to innovation, growth, and new business models, but also to important challenges including equality considerations.


The Commission believes that, while digitalisation can increase productivity and consumer welfare and should be fostered, it is also important that digital companies contribute their fair share to society. It is therefore exploring the possibility of a tax on those companies providing digital services in the EU.


The Commission is particularly interested in gathering views on the main problems related to taxing the digital economy, for EU Member States and business. It also asks for feedback on possible solutions to these problems, including options to charge a top up on corporation tax for all companies providing digital services in the EU or to create new taxes on digital revenues or on B2B digital transactions.


If you provide digital services in the EU, why not have your say on this subject?


This public consultation will feed into the work underway on the digital levy proposal for mid-2021.