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Consultation of SMEs: Going Greener

The European Commision has launched a new survey for small and medium sized busineses like yours to better understand the challenges you face when trying to make your operations 'greener' and adopt digital technologies.

In order to meet objectives of the EU's Green Deal, companies - both those based in the EU and those trading with it - are getting involved in developing, taking up and using new technologies.

Results of this survey will help the European Commission understand small businesses’ needs and hopefully support a faster deployment of new low-carbon and circular technologies.

When responding to this survey and thinking about sustainable products, these can be described as goods and services which are designed so that their impact and emissions are minimised across their life cycle: so, goods and services that have a long lifetime, are durable, repairable, upgradable and manufactured with a minimum impact to the environment.

Please respond by: 10th January 2022

Link to the survey: 

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