Peer to peer network: connect to scale your business

Galvanise growth through peer group perspectives
Business video call overlaid with connected nodes

Innovate UK EDGE is working with the ScaleUp Institute to support the most innovative and highest growth potential companies through 14 peer networks across the UK.

The peer-to-peer networks are invite-only. They provide an environment facilitated by a Peer to Peer Chair to support the most dynamic innovative businesses on their growth journeys, with benefits that include:

  • Forming cross-industry connections through regional groups of leaders with similar professional backgrounds
  • Dedicated coaching sessions involving innovation and growth specialists
  • Regional workshops and inspirational speakers
  • Access to the broader scale up community and partner networks

As part of a strong, trusted peer-to-peer network, business leaders will learn from peers who have encountered similar issues to their own. They will also receive dedicated support to build wider connections and develop the leadership and commercial capabilities for growth at scale.