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Innovate UK EDGE Pitchfest: Get investment ready

Supporting innovative small to medium sized businesses to hone their investment propositions and pitching skills.
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Innovate UK EDGE Pitchfest 2021-2022 is now closed for applications. It supports innovative and ambitious UK small to medium sized businesses to get investment ready and develop their investor pitch in order to help raise finance. 


What would you like to know?  


What does Innovate UK EDGE Pitchfest offer?

  • Two-days of comprehensive pitch training
  • Access to leading pitch and investment experts
  • Bespoke support from a dedicated innovation and growth specialist 
  • An opportunity to build a clear, compelling and credible investment proposition
  • Supercharge your elevator pitch and build a persuasive investor pitch
  • Understand how to find investors in your region and across the UK
  • Gain experience by testing your pitch in front of real investors and receive constructive no-risk feedback
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Innovate UK EDGE Pitchfest in 6 steps

1. Meet your innovation & growth specialist (virtual, 1 hour)

Once successfully accepted onto Innovate UK EDGE Pitchfest at the end of the competitive selection process, you will be allocated an innovation and growth specialist from your region. The preparation meeting is a chance to provide key information to your specialist, discuss your investment journey so far and establish your goals through a thorough diagnostic process. 

Each region also has a dedicated Pitchfest Champion, the aim of your regional Pitchfest Champion will be to provide expert knowledge and support your investment journey.

2. Group ‘Get to Know You’ Meeting (virtual, 2 hours)

Before you start the training, you will get the chance to meet the like-minded peers embarking on the same Pitchfest journey as you, meet your expert trainer, Ian Tracey and understand what to expect. You will also have the opportunity to work on your elevator pitch.

You will gain a step-by-step guide of the upcoming training sessions and how your Pitchfest Champion and innovation and growth specialist will support you throughout.


3. Pitch training day 1 (virtual, full day)

Get an insider's look at what investors are looking for and how to find them, develop your value proposition, boost your presentation skills, understand investment legals, valuation tools, structure deals and fundraise efficiently. You will need to allocate time to prepare a pitch deck for Training Day 2.


4. Pitch training day 2 and peer-to-peer pitching (virtual, full day)

After two weeks of fine-tuning, deliver a 5-minute pitch for peer-to-peer and trainer feedback. Before the Investor Session, you will work with your Pitchfest Champion and innovation & growth specialist to strengthen your pitch.


5. Investor session (virtual, 20 minutes)

Gain experience by testing your 5-minute pitch to a panel of investors, with a Q&A session and constructive feedback.


6. Ongoing bespoke innovation and growth support

Your innovation and growth specialist will support you with your ongoing funding and finance journey, helping you to fully leverage your completed Pitchfest training.

Depending on your stage, for example, they can help by developing a realistic finance strategy to achieve innovation goals and business growth ambitions.

Outside of finance and funding, and depending on your needs, they can provide a host of related support tailored for innovative businesses, ranging from access to technical know-how to exploiting IP and entering new markets.


Delegate event journey


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Is your business eligible for Pitchfest?

Innovate UK EDGE is for UK-registered, high-growth potential innovative small to medium sized businesses interested in internationalisation and seeking to raise a minimum of £500K of investment (over the next 24 months). If you are seeking to raise less, please make a case when describing your investment plan.

Your business will need to be looking to test your pitch to investors (Business Angel / Venture Capital finance), with a minimum of £100k in turnover / sales pipeline / route to market secured.

Businesses can have up to 500 staff (unless in Northern Ireland, when the limit is 250).

"Excellent, really glad to be part of this having been given the opportunity to take part. Really appreciate it - I think it’s game changing."


“Pitchfest was pivotal to our business. There was a great mixture of encouraging positive feedback and genuine insights for improvement. We added the feedback into a subsequent pitch and won the competition!”


Have a question about Pitchfest?

We are happy to help - but please note applications are currently closed. Email our organising team at

“It’s a great experience and I would recommend it to every entrepreneur looking for investment. It provides a wealth of information and a good insight into the investment world.”


Highlights from Innovate UK EDGE Pitchfest - Round 1

A group of 97 dynamic and innovative businesses from a wide variety of sectors across the UK took part in Innovate UK EDGE Pitchfest to help them get investment ready. Their investment journey was varied, from never having raised finance before to their next substantial raise.  

The successful completion resulted in 99% positive feedback from the businesses and within the first few months of completing their training, a handful of clients have already successfully secured a high volume of investment. 

They received 2 days of high energy intensive training on how to create a top-quality pitch deck, present to investors and prepare for an investment round, culminating in a pitch presentation and Q&A session with a panel of investors. The companies were given a range of tools to quickly and effectively articulate their business offer in a fast paced and fun environment. 

Each company is now receiving ongoing bespoke support from their innovation & growth specialist with their investment journey.

Read a client success story here.

Mohamed Binesmael Route Konnect

Innovate UK EDGE’s help with messaging has been crucial at our early stage. Engagements with investors and customers have been positive as a result.

Mohamed Binesmael Route Konnect