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Are you supplying packaged food or alcohol into the EU? 

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If so, you may be interested to take part in this short consultation.  

The European Commission is looking to revise and make clearer four key areas of the EU food labelling legislation including front-of-pack nutrition information on food and alcohol.  Nutrient profiling is being explored with a view to restricting the use of claims on foods that do not meet some nutritional quality. The other areas being looked at are origin labelling, alcohol labelling and date marking.

These revisions have emerged from the EU’s Farm to Fork Strategy and Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan.  The aim is to empower consumers to make informed choices based on health, sustainability and reduced food waste. 

This is your opportunity to get involved and share your comments or concerns regarding potential obstacles created by any food labelling changes.

If you would like to learn more and take part please see the survey here: Have your say - EU Food Labelling Legislation

If you have any questions or concerns around how to operate in the EU please contact us and we’ll help you get involved!

Please note: The closing date for comments is 7th March 2022

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