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Have your say on revisions to the EU Cosmetic Products Regulation

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Businesses developing new and innovative cosmetic and beauty products, as well as those supplying into this sector, now have an opportunity to help shape the rules which govern these products in the EU, a key market for UK companies. 

The European Commission is proposing changes to the EU’s Cosmetic Products Regulation and has set out targeted revisions based on some areas of urgency, such as human health and environmental challenges based on the effects of prolonged use.

Dating back to 2009, the Cosmetic Products Regulation is the main regulatory framework for finished cosmetic products placed on the EU market. It sets common rules for the manufacture and sale of cosmetics, at the same time as making sure the health of users is protected.  Now, driven by the EU’s ‘Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability’ which aims to move towards a more toxic-free environment, changes are being proposed to these rules. 

What’s being proposed? Amongst the measures being considered are:

  • an automatic ban of the most harmful chemicals, allowing their use only where it is proven to be essential for society;
  • a new measure to take into account the combination effects from simultaneous or subsequent exposure to chemicals from different sources;
  • a review of the definition of nanomaterial; and
  • changes to labelling information on cosmetic products, in particular to take account of digital labelling, for example with information accessible through a QR code, a website, etc.

If you are a manufacturer, supplier or innovator of cosmetic products, the Commission would welcome your expertise and knowledge, to help shape the revisions being proposed by sharing your views and feedback:

If you would like to be informed of other opportunities to respond to surveys like this, or indeed if you have additional questions around doing business in the EU or need help with understanding changes since the UK left the EU, then please get in touch with us via:  

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