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Pain relief technology: new healthy results

PainPod device

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What is this new pain relief technology?

PainPod is a physical therapy device that treats pain and accelerates natural recovery. It has been sold successfully in Australia and America for the past ten years.

How did EEN help?

Sevenoaks-based business Results in Wellness, which is the exclusive distributor in the UK and rest of Europe, initially approached EEN to assist in taking PainPod into the European market, targeting medical professionals and physiotherapists as well as the general public. Since January 2019,  the company been receiving support through the Innovate2Succeed (I2S) programme, which is run by EEN within the Innovate UK family of services.

We worked with the management team on identifying challenges and opportunities while helping them to develop their understanding of the market and to analyse the competition.

What was the result?

As a result of this business innovation support, the company has opened up a new market for PainPod in Ireland, signing a deal with Physio-Needs as their distribution partner. This could increase European sales by a further £100,000. Current turnover exceeds £200,000.

Action taken

To fulfil their ambitions for the European market, the company has appointed five new staff on social media and marketing.

Through the I2S programme, Results in Wellness has also been awarded a market research voucher (£3,000) and a product validation voucher (£5,000) to take the PainPod products into global markets.

“We are using the funding to research a possible launch in the Netherlands and to conduct some field market validation by comparing our product and one of Europe’s leading brands," says Donnie Rough, director of sales at Resultsinwellness. “Both of these projects will help us to grow the brand in Europe and we will probably be looking for Dutch partners before long.”

Contacts established through EEN have also yielded a pilot demonstration agreement in Singapore with True Chiropractic Group, and an introduction to the large online retailer Watson’s. Sales in the Far East are projected to exceed £200,000 in the next 12 months.

The company has also recently featured in Forbes magazine as "the best health gadget" and enjoyed air time in the UK. The business is eyeing continuing global growth.

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