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Medical device

News Article

G7 Series ¦ Med-tech innovator's prognosis improves after COVID hit

28 May 2021 Written by Leigh Jenkins

A medical technology innovator is seeing significant growth following support from Innovate UK EDGE to overcome challenges posed by the pandemic. 

A Dorset-based med-tech innovator, who partners with clinicians, SMEs and universities from across the UK to solve unmet clinical needs, saw its business decline by 80% due to the impact of COVID.

Offshore renewable energy

Success Story

Offshore renewable energy to isolated coastal communities | G7 series

28 May 2021 Written by Leigh Jenkins

Renewable energy innovator finds UK and overseas partners and prepares to launch Canadian subsidiary following international support from Innovate UK EDGE.

A Devon-based micro-SME is developing near-offshore wind technology that will generate renewable energy for small islands and coastal communities with a focus on developing countries.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Success Story

Hydrogen innovator boosts transition to Net Zero | G7 series

28 May 2021 Written by Leigh Jenkins

A Cornwall-based innovator in hydrogen technologies is planning global expansion, following marketing, innovation and internationalisation support from Innovate UK EDGE.

A Cornwall-based electrochemical innovator is helping accelerate the transition to Net Zero Carbon by making the production of hydrogen more efficient and affordable.