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Crop spraying

News Article

Pollutants to plant food pioneer plans global growth

2 July 2021 Written by Kelly Hunter

Innovate UK EDGE has been helping a Lincolnshire agri-tech business to make an impact on global markets with a disruptive technology that converts airborne pollutants in the form of nitrogen oxides (NOx) into plant food.

Halcyan attachment

News Article

Clean tech firm prepares ground for investor outreach

30 June 2021 Written by Leigh Jenkins

Innovate UK EDGE prepares Bristol clean tech company for financial investment, while helping to consolidate IP and drive sales growth. 


For those living in Wiltshire, Bristol or East Anglia – areas with hard water – the build-up of limescale around taps and showerheads will be all too familiar.  

Medical device

News Article

G7 Series ¦ Med-tech innovator's prognosis improves after COVID hit

28 May 2021 Written by Leigh Jenkins

A medical technology innovator is seeing significant growth following support from Innovate UK EDGE to overcome challenges posed by the pandemic. 

A Dorset-based med-tech innovator, who partners with clinicians, SMEs and universities from across the UK to solve unmet clinical needs, saw its business decline by 80% due to the impact of COVID.