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Client successes, our thoughts and news to help ambitious businesses grow and scale. Some content from our legacy site:
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Crate of vegetables

Success Story

Innovate UK EDGE supplies the goods for agri-food pioneer

7 March 2022 Written by James Cortis

Agri-food pioneer Greener onboards four new international suppliers, implements new design thinking principles and revamps its website strategy, all with help from Innovate UK EDGE.

Alison Ettridge, CEO at Talent Intuition

Success Story

Talent Intuition sees rapid growth with Scaleup Programme support

16 February 2022 Written by Steve Smith

Being invited onto the Innovate UK EDGE Scaleup Programme couldn’t have come at a better time for talent intelligence business Talent Intuition. “It’s the best thing that has happened to us at this stage in our business growth,” says the company’s CEO, Alison Ettridge.


Success Story

Scaleup Programme puts cleantech company ICAX in a strong position

15 February 2022 Written by Steve Smith

Joining Innovate UK’s Scaleup Programme has put the cleantech company ICAX in a very strong position to take its new domestic heat pump product to market. It now has a clear commercial strategy and a well positioned product, has switched to a new financial modelling process and secured R&D funding from the Welsh Government, with more to come once manufacturing starts.


Success Story

Clean marine propulsion firm Ecomar grows at full throttle

3 February 2022 Written by Graeme Owen

The race is on to make the shipping sector more environmentally friendly, and at the forefront is an innovative marine propulsion engineering SME. It has achieved spectacular growth over the last year, having begun to work with Innovate UK EDGE. 


Success Story

Innovators flushed with success after Innovate UK EDGE input

27 January 2022 Written by James Cortis

The innovators behind PEEQUAL have revamped their business strategy, secured grant funding and redeveloped their investor pitch, all with help from Innovate UK EDGE.

The Bristol University spin-out has completed its trials of the UK’s first stand-alone, touch-free women’s urinal at British festivals including the Shambala Festival, Valley Fest and The Bristol Comedy Garden. 

Burst water main pipe

News Article

Artesia makes big splash in water conservation with our growth support

26 January 2022 Written by James Cortis

Gloucestershire-based Artesia has developed a pioneering AI-based analysis system to help water companies identify leaks and predict demand more effectively. Innovate UK EDGE has helped it to establish new processes, secure its IP and find suitable funding to underpin its growth.

image of toilet rolls made from bamboo with bamboo shoots

News Article

Sustainable innovator hits headlines with Innovate UK EDGE help

24 January 2022 Written by James Cortis

Naked Sprout's unbleached bamboo-based toilet roll is a sustainable alternative to conventional and recycled products. The toilet roll innovator revamped its business strategy, found its financial footing and secured national media coverage, all with support from Innovate UK EDGE.

Innovate UK CEO Indro Mukerjee

Blog Post

Innovation Without Limits

21 January 2022 Written by Indro Mukerjee

Innovate UK conference on supporting innovators who are disabled

by Indro Mukerjee, CEO Innovate UK

The Innovate UK team is committed to help build the skills and talent pipeline necessary to drive successful innovation by better enabling opportunities for diverse talent which is often overlooked or not made to feel included. 

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