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Tomato crops

Success Story

Innovate UK EDGE help yields £1M investment for plant growth pioneer

7 September 2022 Written by James Cortis

Bristol University spin-out Glaia has developed carbon-based ‘sugar dots’ that can dramatically improve the efficiency of photosynthesis – the fundamental process that underpins life on earth. It raised £1m in equity investment following investment readiness support from Innovate UK EDGE.

men and women standing in front of building

Success Story

Good chemistry with Innovate UK EDGE benefits green labs business

5 September 2022 Written by Kirsten Masson

Asynt designs and manufactures innovative equipment that helps chemists conduct scientific research, while also driving down chemistry laboratory carbon emissions and costs. And Innovate UK EDGE is supporting the company in its bid to expand into new international markets. 

Man in hoodie with prosthetic leg

Success Story

Prosthetics innovator’s software improves comfort and quality of life

31 August 2022 Written by James Cortis

Prosthetics software innovator establishes new partnerships, secures grant funding and revamps its marketing strategy, all with support from Innovate UK EDGE.

Today, 40 million people around the world suffer from limb loss, with many experiencing discomfort and pain when using prosthetics. 

IV drip

Success Story

£898K in funding and finance flows to investment-ready medical startup

19 August 2022 Written by Graeme Owen

Supported by Innovate UK EDGE to raise funding and finance, UK medical start-up Flomark is making IV drips safer for patients.

Most of us have seen intravenous (IV) drips: the bags of liquid on stands connected by a small tube to hospital patients’ arms, enabling essential fluids and nutrients to be delivered directly and quickly into the patient’s bloodstream.

Stemnovate scientists in white lab coats

Success Story

Good prognosis for drug discovery pioneer after £1M investment

4 August 2022 Written by Katie Griffin

Supported by Innovate UK, Stemnovate is enjoying a period of strong growth and external investment. The drug discovery start-up has attracted the attention of several large tier 1 drug companies and expects to achieve a turnover of £500m in the next five years.

Globe with people looking towards it

Success Story

Innovate UK support helps Transformify accelerate its growth

3 August 2022 Written by Emma Edmonds

Supported by Innovate UK EDGE, TFY (Transformify Ltd) has built a workforce and vendor management system that automates billing, payments, compliance and onboarding of vendors, service providers, independent contractors and freelancers.

SuperVAWT wind turbine

News Article

Wind power innovator gets investment ready with Innovate UK EDGE

28 July 2022 Written by James Cortis

A Wiltshire-based innovator has developed a novel wind turbine design that aims to increase the power and efficiency produced by traditional wind turbines by up to 30%. SuperVAWT has improved its engagement with industry and its readiness for financial investment with support from Innovate UK EDGE.

Hand with brain, jigsaw pieces and pills

Success Story

Up to $12M raise helps mental health research company expand

27 July 2022 Written by Graeme Owen

Although mental health is widely recognised as a major disease burden, it does not receive the same level of attention or funding as diseases such as cancer or cardiovascular health. David Newton, chief operating officer at Akrivia Health, says there has been a historic lack of investment and therefore, a lack of discovery, in the fields of psychiatry and dementia.

Hands holding ipad

Success Story

Innovate UK EDGE helps interactive pioneer boost revenue

25 July 2022 Written by James Cortis

A Bristol innovator is using interactive digital technology to help advanced manufacturing businesses create powerful and visually compelling sales experiences and communicate complex concepts to their clients. It has developed a pioneering new product, refined its marketing strategy and tripled its revenue – all with Innovate UK EDGE support.