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Scientist with visor handling frozen material

Success Story

Growth in store for stem cell innovator after Innovate UK EDGE support

6 January 2022 Written by James Cortis

Innovate UK EDGE has helped a stem cell bank to streamline its operations with lean processes and achieve a 30% sales uplift, following support with sales and marketing.

Devon-based MedTech innovator, Biovault Family, is helping families access advanced medical treatments by collecting and storing stem cell samples taken from placentas, umbilical cords and cord blood at birth.

Abstrakt image with words Innovate UK KTN

News Article

Announcing Innovate UK KTN

24 November 2021 Written by Simon Ward

Innovate UK is changing its relationship with its Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) to create Innovate UK KTN.

Muggi drinks carrier

Success Story

Novel carrier for teacups storms US market with Innovate UK EDGE help

24 November 2021 Written by James Cortis

A Cornwall innovator has revamped its business strategy, secured a £23,000 bank loan and expanded into the US market, all with help from Innovate UK EDGE.

muggi has developed the ‘world’s most versatile drinks carrier’, using a combination of recycled post-industrial, household, and marine plastics.

SME Feedabck

Blog Post

Do you sell products into the European market?

3 November 2021 Written by Narinder Williams

If so, you might be interested to have your say on a proposal which the European Commission is preparing which could have future implications for your business.  The Commission is looking to amend the existing EU product liability rules, to bring them up to date for our digital and circular economy age. 

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