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Announcing Innovate UK KTN

Abstrakt image with words Innovate UK KTN

Innovate UK is changing its relationship with its Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) to create Innovate UK KTN.

Innovate UK funds and works with the KTN to create powerful connections, shape future innovation communities for its programmes and enhance its technology expertise. The KTN is a substantial nationwide network, with excellent industry expertise, marketing, and skills development capability.

That relationship will now be strengthened so that Innovate UK and KTN will work together in a strategically joined up way to deliver the Innovate UK Plan for Action, launched last week.

This will result in the KTN being rebranded as Innovate UK KTN, which will bring over 200 people to the Innovate UK group.

There will be a joint working team of Innovate UK and KTN leaders, chaired by Indro Mukerjee, CEO Innovate UK, which will be responsible for setting the way of working and ensuring strategic alignment.

The creation of Innovate UK KTN is aimed at bringing accelerated benefits to UK business by enabling more effective strategic alignment and encouraging the development and delivery of new Innovate UK products and services.

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