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The transition period has ended and new rules are in effect

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Following the signing of the UK – EU Trade & Cooperation Agreement, there are new rules for businesses which came into force on 1 January 2021 which require immediate action.


Act now to comply with new rules

Read an overview of key actions, supporting guidance, helpline numbers and FAQs

Brexit transition changes - actions for business


Read the top five actions for businesses in each of the following sectors: Aerospace, automotive, chemicals, construction, consumer goods, electronics and machinery, life sciences, metals and materials, professional business services and retail.

Sector specific Brexit transition actions


Further information

You should visit where you can use the checker tool to quickly identify the actions that your business needs to take. The checker tool will ask you questions about your business and provide all the information you need to be aware of such as new rules on: 

You can also

  • Sign up to receive updates on the specific actions you need to take once you’ve used the checker tool at
  • Sign up to receive the regular Business Readiness Transition Bulletin – an email newsletter providing information on major announcements and recently published guidance
  • Access BEIS Webinars across a range of topics which will be available on in January 2021. They will provide specific advice on how businesses can ensure they comply with the new rules.

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