А Bulgarian company is offering to manufacture metal parts under subcontracting or manufacturing agreement for long-term cooperation with potential partners


A Bulgarian manufacturing company, specialized in the production of quick-change holders, carbide tools and special tools, is looking for partners from the aerospace, automotive, railway, shipbuilding industries, etc for long-term cooperation under subcontracting or manufacturing agreements. It has 10 years of experience in the field, a highly qualified team of engineers and operates with the latest generation of metalworking and measuring machines.

Partner sought

The company is looking for partners producing parts for aerospace, automotive, railway, shipbuilding industry, etc., which have been in the market for a long time and are looking for long-term relationships under subcontracting or manufacturing agreements. They are interested in collaboration with companies which are looking for subcontractors to produce various types of standard or customized metal parts for them.


The Bulgarian company has been operating on the national market since 2010 and has built up a wide distribution network on the territory of the country. It has turned into a nationally well-known wholesaler and an important regional distributor of cutting tools. The company offers a large palette of cutting tools, such as: -carbide inserts with their own brand used in metalworking for milling and turning operations; -special tools - special metalworking tools at a customer's request; -quick change holders; -drills. They have developed their own production for quick change holders for all type inserts. The holders can be used for all metalworking operations and save a lot of time for the manufacturer when changing the working tools. They are easy to assemble to the machine and save time and money. Their products can be used in aerospace, automotive, railway, shipbuilding industry, etc. They have a very good engineering team and experience in metalworking. Their products go through constant quality control every day. The quality of the production is their number one priority. The company holds an ISO 9001 certificate. It has third generation milling and turning machines and can produce special items. At the moment they are working on the Bulgarian market and abroad and have very good relations with their customers. They are looking for partners in the engineering industry which need a manufacturer or a subcontractor to produce metal parts. They are offering manufacturing agreements to potential partners from the heavy industry sector which can use their products and integrate them into their own manufacturing processes and machines. The company is also offering a subcontracting agreement to produce specific customized cutting tools for machine and equipment producers, technical device manufacturers and other companies that execute milling and drilling operations.

Advantages and innovations

The company has extensive experience in the manufacturing of specific metal parts and guarantees excellent quality control and reliable relationships. Its experience is due to many years of cooperation with world-renowned companies producing high quality metalworking tools. Over the years, they have been able to collaborate well with their customers by providing solutions and tools perfectly matching their production needs. The clients submit a drawing with a request and the company chooses the tools and workflow to maximize productivity and manufacture it in the best possible way. They also have introduced a system of applicators to enable an exact dosage of lubricant supplied to the cutting edge of the tool. Thus consumption is clearly measurable. The smallest droplets of the lubricant are transported by the air stream exactly to the cutting edge of the tool without producing any dangerous mists. The used lubricants are manufactured of non-toxic renewable vegetable resources. They are environmentally friendly and biologically decomposable. In addition to the environmental aspects these lubricants can be used for safe processing of all metallic materials. They also equip the machines with high-pressure systems which they assemble and implement into the machines as part of their offer.

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