German sustainable producer of exclusive non-alcoholic beverages is looking for distributors


German producer of non-alcoholic beverages, mainly fresh lemonades and tea with 100% natural ingredients, aims to provide a new lifestyle rather than a product. For the company, sustainability is a key value in its business. In this regard they have bottled their product in a reusable glass bottle using no plastic, with a ceramic screen printing and a sustainable production instead. They are looking for partners under a commercial agency agreement, distribution services and licence agreement.

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As part of their internationalization strategy, the producer of beverages would like to export more of its products. That is why they are seeking to expand their natural beverages such as lemonade and fresh tea in bottles (just like homemade beverages) and range to all retailers in countries worldwide that provide refrigerated areas and cold storage up to maximum 8° Celsius. Because the producer offers a high-quality premium product, they are not looking for discounters which range consists primarily of “cheap” products. Instead, the focus is on retailers with full range of products, especially refrigerated areas. The company is interested in partnerships with distributors and agents of the fresh product business (such as refrigerated smoothies and other cooled soft drinks) under a commercial agency agreement, distribution services and licence agreements to enter new markets. Industrial partners of all sizes are considered, as long as they have refrigerated areas for liquids such as soft drinks, smoothies and so on. They are requested to indicate the estimated / designated business potential. Partners should be based especially in Italy, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, England and China. The company is interested in international cooperations to expand internationally and in the process to develop further production facilities in the new countries to keep transport costs low and at the same time to be able to offer better margins. In addition, the sustainability aspect is particularly important to the company. However, as long as no expansion of the production facility is planned (because the company does not currently have this capital available), the goods will be shipped via international and customary transport routes, such as refrigerated transporters or refrigerated containers on freighters, directly from the production facility in Germany to the central warehouse of their future trading partner. This is the standard logistics that is currently very well accepted by the company's trading partners in Switzerland, Austria and in Germany as well. The company has no special requirements for its future international partners. The following points are important: Retailers must have cooled stores in order to guarantee the cooling and thus the shelf life of their products.The main placement is in the cooling shelf next to the smoothies. The secondary placement in the refrigerated shelf (where cooled drinks are placed usually) near the cash register.


The German producer of lemonades was founded in 2020. It positions itself in the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) sector and the e-commerce sector. The main products are beverages, especially fresh natural lemonade (without carbonic acid), fresh tea, and “half & half”, which is a mix of fresh tea and fresh lemonade. 100% fresh and traditional (cooled without gas or carbonic acid) and using 100% natural ingredients such as fresh juice, not from concentrate and without artificial additives. The company’s focus is on launching a lifestyle more than a product to emotionally bind and let customers stick to their brand permanently. As part of its product portfolio the company is developing personalized products and designs for companies' and people's brands in the food sector. For the startup it is important to offer its non-carbonated soft drink in a sustainable way. In addition to climate-neutral filling, this strategy includes a new lighter glass bottle with a new reusable system for the refrigerated fresh section in the supermarkets. The bottle contains no plastic. It comes in an individual shape and bears a ceramic screen printing (made in Germany). The weight of a bottle is around 580 grams. The height is 165 mm, width and length are 61 mm. The packaging unit consists of 12 bottles and weighs around 7 kg. The packaging unit is 176 mm high, 190 mm wide and 265 mm long. 90 packaging units fit on a pallet with 5 layers. The company regulates the minimum purchase quantities for its international partners in a flexible and fair way. Their products have a minimum shelf life of 90 days. Due to the cooperation with big international partners the company has almost no limited production capacity. In fact, the company is capable of producing millions of bottles per month if needed. In principle, their partners can provide enough juice and raw materials, although this is affected by the seasonal fluctuations of the regional farmers. Currently the company is in contact with mostly all retail chains in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. Especially some of the top retailers of those countries are cooperating with the company. To further expand and establish the brand internationally, the company is looking for business partners. The outcome of the partnership would be of course a win-win-situation for both companies: As part of their internationalization strategy, the German company wants to scale internationally; the potential business partners get access to a trendy new product with which they can also increase their sales. The partnership can be envisaged under a commercial agency agreement (eg. cooperation with a sales agent for agro food), distribution services agreement (distribution via retail) or licence agreement (sales of licenses).

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