Spanish installation company of big industrial fans for the industry and great shops looks for commercial agency agreements in Portugal, France, Italy, Germany and UK


The company from Spain is specialized in air conditioning large buildings in the industrial and tertiary sectors. Their products reduce a lot the energy consumption. The company is able to cool up to 6ºC in summer and save up to 45% energy of heating in winter, only with 1€ of cost per day, 10-15 years of warranty and without maintenance. They want to collaborate, as commercial agency, with partners preferably from Portugal, France, Italy, German and UK.

Technical Specification or Expertise Sought

Minimum experience in electrical and data installations of at least two years. Experience in air conditioning, automation software and experience in energy saving and efficiency studies will be positively valued.

Partner sought

The partner must have experience in electrical and data installations. Experience in air conditioning, automation and energy saving and efficiency is also valuable. The partner must carry out personalized engineering studies with the company's technical support, for presenting solutions tailored to the customer's needs in a comprehensive manner, including the installation of software for the automated management. It has to carry out the installation and commissioning. The partner will have all the comany's support and technical-commercial tools to complete the installation. The partner searched must have experience in electrical and data installations, experience in air conditioning, automation and energy saving and efficiency is also valuable. In addition the partner should have a commercial department with experience in attracting customers from the industrial and large tertiary segments (large stores and shopping centers).


The firm is specialized in air conditioning for large buildings in the industrial and tertiary sectors in the most economical way possible. It is an engineering company specialized in improving thermal comfort and in achieving significant savings in air conditioning energy. They have also designed a software that controls the entire system automatically according to the established temperature and humidity setpoint required by the client. They solve the problems of excess heat in their clients' facilities, cooling the thermal sensation by up to 6ºC, improving the climatic conditions of workers and clients, eliminating thermal stress and the continuous complaints of working with excess heat and reducing of production by working in an uncomfortable way. Also in winter when they heat rooms with high ceilings, the heat weighs less and tends to rise to the ceilings, with the reverse function of their fans, they are able to recover the heat from the ceiling and lower it to the height of the floor, increasing up to 4ºC and achieving a saving in heating of up to 45%. In installations with air conditioning and the combined use of these industrial fans, they can easily achieve savings of up to 5% in cooling and up to 45% in heating. The company can demonstrate all this with scientific studies that support all these savings and improvement of thermal comfort data. The product has a guarantee of up to 15 years and lifetime guarantee of the blades. It is a leading brand in the US with more than 130 years of experience. In these COVID-19 times, the product increases natural ventilation, improving indoor air quality with the combined use of window, door and / or venting openings, so it contributes to workplacesafety. They are looking for a partner to collaborate with in the destination country. The partner will have all their support and engineering advise, The company would carry out all the studies and technical reports, offers, technical documentation for installation and programming of the equipment and control software according to the specific needs of the client. In addition, the partner sought would have a remote support in situ since the company can configure the equipment remotely.

Advantages and innovations

- Very high quality, uses industrial grade aluminum, made in the USA. - Does not require maintenance. - Lightest weight on the market, the blades are made of aircraft grade aluminum. - Efficiency: the best ratio on the market offering a higher air flow with less power consumption. - It incorporates an innovative system that in the event of a collision of the industrial fan running with a load, immediately stops the fan without causing damage and warns by means of a technical alarm.

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