Finnish companies with an interactive fairy tale smart wall are looking for partners for a subcontracting agreement


Two Finnish companies active in the digital creative industries have joined forces and created an interactive smart wall solution that enables children to experience fairy tales with classical music. The fairy tale wall is a cost-efficient solution and it can be implemented practically into any surface. The companies are looking for partners who would include the fairy tale wall into their creative projects, the partnership would be in the form of a subcontracting agreement.

Partner sought

The potential partner could be an architect or a construction company that is responsible for creating or renovating an interactive space for children in e.g. kindergarten, hotel lobby, hospital waiting room, library, etc. The partnership is considered to be in the form of a subcontracting agreement, however the details of cooperation will be discussed with the partner in detail. The potential partner needs to negotiate only with one of the Finnish companies, that is authorized to represent both the companies. The details of implementation, build-up and maintenance of the smart fairy tale wall will be planned together with the partner, taking into consideration the partner's and the end customer's requirements and needs.


The interactive smart wall gives children a chance to experience fairy tales with classical music. Children can watch and listen to a musical fairy tale, and by touching the wall they can also express their imagination by for example painting the northern lights in the sky or creating their own music with a fantasy instrument. The 4-meter wide smart wall can be installed to many locations, e.g. kindergartens, schools, indoor playgrounds, hotel lobbies, airports or hospitals. In the musical fairy tale, the images evoked by music are combined into a story, feelings and images. The fairy tales are written based on classical music of great composers from different countries. In addition to the music of a particular country, each fairy tale utilizes the country's special features and folklore. The smart fairy tale wall has been co-created by two Finnish companies: - The company #1 creates musical fairy tales, which combine classical music and storytelling. The stories are born from great classical composers' music (Grieg, Tchaikovsky, Sibelius, Debussy, Ravel, Schumann, etc.). Established in 2019, the company is a SME with <10 employees with turnover of <1M EUR. - The company #2 has a long experience in the field of digital media. They have developed a way to change any space into an interactive space. Using the company's platforms and interfaces, ordinary walls can be changed into interactive touch surfaces or users can modify their surroundings in real time by movement, gestures, touching or mobile device. Established in 2010, the company is a SME with <10 employees with turnover of <1M EUR. With some experience in transnational cooperation, the companies are now looking for partners, who would include their smart fairy tale wall in their creative building or renovation projects. Although the solution is created by two companies, the potential partners will negotiate with only one of the companies, that is authorized to represent both of them. The partnership would be in the form of a subcontracting agreement, the details will be negotiated with the potential partners.

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