Distributors of sunless tanning products for beauty professionals are sought under an exclusive distribution agreement


A French company produces high quality self-tanning products. They are made with a minimum of 98% natural ingredients, alcohol-free and animal-free. The company is looking for distributors who only cover beauty centers, spas and hair salons. The cooperation will take place under an exclusive distribution agreement.

Partner sought

The company is looking for a well-established BtoB distributor in cosmetics with selected brands for a long-term and effective partnership. The French company is seeking to establish an exclusive distribution agreement with distributors serving only beauty professionals. The distributor must: - have large distribution channels; - serve spas, beauty institutes; - make B2B sales only. The partner sought will be in charge of marketing, promotion and communication in the localized country. The partner will also translate the various promotional materials according to the cultural specificities of the market. The French company will only help as a support. The company is interested in a distribution agreement in such geographical area like Europe, North America and Middle-East. It also remains open to a partner with global sales forces.


The French company based in Paris created in 2014 produces professional self-tanning products. Three product categories are available: - HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) self-tanning gun and equipment for professionals; - Bulk lotions (with different intensities and absorption rates) for professionals; -Self-tanning, moisturizing and exfoliating products at retail. The description: - No alcohol in the products, no animal origin and a minimum of 98% natural ingredients. - Excellent feedback from cosmetics professionals due to the quality of the customer experience when tanning but also the quality of the tan itself. - Innovative company which produces new products regularly. Already distributed in France, Belgium, Switzerland, the company wishes to develop in Europe and beyond. They are looking for well established distributors in the beauty industry, covering only professional users for an exclusive distribution agreement.

Advantages and innovations

When the company was first established, it was the largest self-tanning institute in Europe. This is why their products come directly from customer returns. - Natural tanning active ingredients; - Natural result suitable for all skin types; - Highly moisturizing for supple and luminous skin; - Fast absorption (3 times faster than common products); - Hypoallergenic. Production is carried out in France and Italy. In accordance with the European REACH (Registration Evaluation Authorisation of Chemicals) regulation, their laboratories evaluate the impact of all the components of their cosmetics on humans and environment. All their formulas are paraben-free and have not been tested on animals. Without propellant gas, all their aerosols and their natural spray retain all the quality of the active product sprayed. This patented misting technology is considered economical and safe for the environment. It is also safe for humans thanks to a continuous dispensing system, without contamination by return in the container, for an absolute protection of the product by using less preservatives. This unique system is developed to not only produce a superior dispensing spray system, but to reduce our environmental footprint compared to traditional aerosol spray technology and guarantee 100% product usage. The weight and volume of the packaging is limited and optimized in accordance with the European Directive 94/62/CE, relating to packaging and packaging waste.

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