An Italian clothing manufacturer offers its services under manufacturing agreements


This Italian cooperative is a manufacturer of men's and women's clothes. All the production steps are carried out in Italy. They have been working for worldwide brands with large orders. In order to expand their international market share, they are looking for international partners in the clothing industry (clothing manufacturers and designers) interested in their services under manufacturing agreements.

Partner sought

The Italian company is looking for clothing manufacturers and designers who are interested in developing their own fashion labels or series production. The company will develop the clothing in accordance with the requirements of the commercial partner under manufacturing agreements.


This Italian cooperative was established in 1984 in a small town in the south of Italy. It was founded only by young women and during the years they have established a wide network with many companies in northern Italy and in international markets in countries such as the USA, Japan and Denmark. To satisfy their customers' demands, the company has created a network of manufacturing laboratories that realize on commission many parts of the manufacturing process, in particular related to intermediate stages of sewing and the finishing touches of the garments. They also have a close collaboration with a dyeing company in Northern Italy where the finished garment can be dyed with a range of Pantone colours chosen by the customer without having to buy the fabric already dyed, thus avoiding unnecessary waste of raw materials. All production is 100% made in Italy. Actually, over the years, they have developed a real local district composed of competencies, quality standards and trade policies with the aim to promote the production capacity of the whole territorial system. Thanks to their wide network, the company can achieve any orders in the textile fields. It includes the manufacture of : - Men's clothes (pants, jackets, pyjamas etc..) - Women's clothes (Tailleur, skirt, dress, coat, shirt, bathrobe etc..) - Unisex clothes - Children's clothes - Cassock and clergy clothes. The company is able to carry out all the stages of the production process: creation, pre-packaging operations, finishing. After the realization of the products, the company carries out quality control to verify the defects that can compromise the final result of the work. In summary, the services offered include: - processing and development of graphic draws - placed graphics and graphic draws printing for garment cutting (Plotter Lectra Alys 20+) - calculation of fabric shrinkage of clothes by washing simulation - fabric custom cutting (silk, cotton, cashmere, leather, linen, fleece, wool) - garment tailoring with quality control - garment washing and drying - ironing, packaging and final shipment for shops. The company has a long experience and a wide network of partners in the markets also abroad. They are willing to start new international collaborations with partners who have jobs to be commissioned. In particular, the collaboration will be carried out under manufacturing agreements in the case of business partners who are looking for "Made In Italy" clothing manufacturers. The Italian company will develop the products according to the specific instructions of the partner.

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