A Korean company, specialized in manufacturing air filter media for dust collection using PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) membrane, seeks global partners for manufacturing agreements


A Korean SME, founded in 2007, is the 3rd player in the world to develop PTFE Membrane(polytetrafluoroethylene). The air filter media for dust collection using the PTFE membrane has a porous structure with fine pores and has features of thermostability, cold resistance, chemical/combustion resistance. This product is applicable to various areas. The company is looking for a filter manufacturer that needs air filter media for their finished product under manufacturing agreement.

Partner sought

- Type of partner: Company - Area of partner: Companies interested in manufacturing and selling industrial air filter and filtration dust collectors - Role of partner: Importing the air filter media for dust collection to manufacture a finished filter, and responsible for local sales and distribution


In these days, not only the house air conditioning facility but also, air conditioning system for big office building has become important. Moreover, as IT or semiconductor industry that requires high precision clean manufacturing environment is developing, demand on high-performance cleanroom is rapidly increasing. With this demand, the Korean company, established in 2007, has become the 3rd company in the world, following the US and Japan to develop PTFE membrane. The company has two core technologies; one is PTFE membrane manufacturing technology and the other is a thermal lamination technology. By using thermal lamination alone, they have successfully produced air filter media by connecting air filter (such as polyester, glass fiber) to the PTFE membrane. The filtration system of the air filter is a system in which dusty air flows into the fume collector, and it is filtered on the surface of the air filter or the layer of filter media. Since the PTFE membrane filter media is able to filter the fine dust at a surface layer, the inside of the filter layer stays cleaner than the other general fiber or coated filters. In the case of air filters, the dust collection rate on the filter surface is considered as an important factor, because the dust accumulated inside the filter media causes the pressure loss to rise rapidly, which leads to the replacement cycle. In addition, since relatively less dust is deposited inside the filter, the pressure difference during operation is able to be maintained constantly, resulting in excellent dust removal performance and filtration efficiency. The constant differential pressure leads to stable operation, increasing the filter usage cycle and reducing economic costs. After being processed into finished products, the PTFE membrane filter media is applied to various dust collection facilities including coal-fired power plants, cement facilities, fume collectors, and chemical plants. Those finished products have high filtration efficiency, excellent dust removal performance, and longer filter lifespan. It is granted to a technology first developed in Korea or an equivalent alternative technology in which it is improved and reformed innovatively that leads to a commercialized product. Following the expiration of NEP (New Excellent Product), in 2019, the product has received Excellent Performance Certification (EPC) from Korea Ministry of SMEs and Startups. The Korean company wants to supply air filter media to the European filter product manufacturer under manufacturing agreement. They are looking for partners selling finished industrial air filter products after producing an air filter media for dust collection.

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