The Moldovan manufacturer of various type of electrotechnical and mechanical equipment, including bactericide irradiator-air recirculators is interested in selling its products under manufacturing or distribution service agreements


The Moldovan company is one of the biggest and most experienced engineering company focused on electrotechnical equipment. The company offers electrotechnical and mechanical equipment for railways, urban electric transports, industrial enterprises, power plants etc. The company is looking for a partner under distribution or manufacturing agreements.

Technical Specification or Expertise Sought

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Partner sought

The company maintains an international business activity offering its products and solutions, and is in pursuance of greater foreign market presence via the following cooperation: • Manufacturing agreement – making its portfolio available to potential partners that use the offered products in their regular operation, or as an integral part of their output. • Distribution service agreement – providing electrical equipment/solutions including bactericide irradiator-air recirculators for industrial enterprises, metallurgical plants, power plants, energy companies, medical centers, urban transport enterprises, large construction companies, and Mechanical and Electrical companies. Distributors shall have strong and functioning sales channels for company products.


The company is on the market since 1959. The plant’s products are well known abroad (CIS countries, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Vietnam, and the Baltic countries). The company's engineering department is formed by a highly skilled team that includes 100 specialists, supervising the whole design and manufacturing process, testing, and analysis of the specific needs of the customer. Their product portfolio includes: - lifting devices and mechanical equipment: for cranes, winches, drilling rigs, conveyors; hydraulic pushers, etc. - mechanical equipment and components for mobile transport: trolleybuses, trams, subway cars, diesel locomotives, heavy vehicles; - power engineering: large transformers of hydroelectric power stations, state district power stations; kilns for cement manufacturing enterprises; intercity trains; pumps, etc. - ultraviolet bactericidal irradiator-recirculators; - electric equipment: Production of the electrical distribution boxes, control panels, switchgear, etc. - accessories and spare parts for all manufactured types of equipment and products All units and components are preliminarily tested from the beginning of production to the final assembly of the finished product. The company provides up to two years of warranty. All their products are certified. The company offers the following services: - Manufacturing; - Service and Maintenance - After-sale assistance - Tests and Analysis - Repair The company offers electromechanical tailor-made solutions in order to meet any specific customers' needs. The collaboration type offered by the Moldovan producer is distribution services agreement and manufacturing agreements.

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