Polish importer and exclusive distributor of Armenian wines and brandy seeks international distribution partners


A Polish company, which is an experienced importer and exclusive distributor of high-quality wines, brandy and other premium class spirits from Armenia, is looking for business partners to expand their sales channels to other countries under a distribution services agreement.

Partner sought

The company is looking for local distributors of spirits across European countries with good market orientation in the field of the matter. The cooperation will be based on the distribution agreement.


Since 2016, the company has been successfully importing and distributing to the Polish market high-quality wines, brandies and vodkas from Armenia, highly respected on the Polish market. The company has also developed its own premium class retail chain stores in Poland. The company offers: - Grape wines prepared from grape varieties grown in the province of Armavir in the Ararat valley in Armenia. Grape wines come in three types: red, white and rose, and three variants: dry, semi-dry and semi-sweet. - Fruit wines with different flavours, such as: raspberry wine; plum wine; dogwood wine; cherry wine; blackberry wine; strawberry wine; quince wine and the flagship product of the company - pomegranate wine. Fruit wines are available in one semi sweet variant, with the exception of pomegranate wine, which occurs in two variants: semi-sweet and semi-dry. - Brandy made from finest Armenian brandy spirits, aged in oak barrels: 3 years old; 5 years old; 10 years old; 15 years old; 20 years old; 25 years old; 30 years old and 40 years old. - Fruit vodkas with different flavours, such as: mulberry; grape; apricot; apple. Vodkas are produced from fresh fruit and its shelf life of vodkas is unlimited while maintaining appropriate storage conditions. - Type of vodka containing gold flakes prepared according to German technology and another type of vodka prepared on the basis of an old medieval recipe and a special method of storage. All offered spirits are produced and bottled in Armenia. The international cooperation is envisaged via distrbution agreement oriented at long term deliveries of wines, brandies and vodkas. The company wishes to expand to other countries and regions and is looking for new international partnerships aiming at deliveries own branded alcohols. There is a big opportunity for regular suppliers to add this fast-growing revenue stream to augment their existing portfolio and increase both turnover and profitability. The company expects stable position of the partner in the matter of sales of alcohols in its distribution region.

Advantages and innovations

- Unique taste of wines and brandies - The grapes from which the wines are produced come from the famous geographical region, such as Ararat valley and Areni village - Doesn't contain chemical substances - Fast execution of international orders - Deferred payment possibility after reliability building period.

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