Polish software development company offering Medical Practice Management Software (PMS) for dental offices, medical offices and prosthetic labs is looking for partners under subcontracting or outsourcing agreement


The SME from South West Poland is offering comprehensive IT solutions for SMEs active in the healthcare sector. For over 20 years this Polish company provides advanced software products and solutions focused on medicine. The company is interested to start cooperation with companies, medical centers, hospitals, doctors and dental offices, prosthetic labs. The preferred type of cooperation would be subcontracting or outsourcing agreement.

Partner sought

The company expects to find partnerships under outsourcing agreement, in order to provide and develop a software, preferably for long-term cooperation. The company also is open to become a subcontractor and cooperate under subcontracting agreement. Potential partners for cooperation are: • Private and public medical centres • Hospitals • Prosthetic labs • Dental and doctor's offices • Software distributors specializing in Healthcare sector with proven market knowledge and experience.


Since 1999 the Polish company provides advanced software products and IT solutions focused for Healthcare sector. The company's product functionalities focus on practice management comprising electronic medical document management, patient and staff management, imaging and statistical analysis. The company actively participate in process of e-Health system implementation in Poland. For now the SME's software is provided with HL7 CDA conform polish implementations of e-Prescription and e-SickNote. In 2004 the company implemented ISO 9001:2000 norm (now ISO 9001:2015) in order to ensure quality of its products and services. The SME provides its clients a comprehensive solutions for the surgery or clinic management: • dental offices • medical offices • prosthetic labs The company's software is used by medical facilities, including individual practitioners, large clinics and public health-care centres (there are over 2000 active users). Besides the applications already offered, the company may also collaborate on the development and implementation of tailor-made software. The company's goal is to present its cooperation offer as business and technology partner. The company's offer is directed to: • Private and public medical centres • Hospitals • Prosthetic labs • Dental offices • Doctor's offices • Other companies related to the healthcare sector The company is willing to expand to other countries and is looking for new international partners. The international cooperation is envisaged via subcontracting or outsourcing agreements.

Advantages and innovations

• 20 years of experience in the Polish and foreign markets • Strong position on the Polish medical software market proved by many successes • 3 medicine-specific systems • A highly qualified and experienced team of professionals (software engineers, programmers, economists) • The company's medical software are used by over 2000 active and satisfied users • The software is compatible with industry-specific systems • Access to regular software updates • Strong technical background • Development and implementation of tailor-made software • Technical support and advice on the use of software

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