A Polish company as an interactive agency offers unique internet projects based on the latest technologies and implementation methods for EU partners under subcontracting or distribution services / commercial agency agreement


With 20 years of experience and technological achievements and potential, the Polish company is a modern, ambitious and determined interactive agency that boldly implements unique internet projects based on the latest technologies and implementation methods. The Content Management System is its flagship product. The company offers its internet, software and marketing services to EU countries, especially in Western Europe under subcontracting or distribution services/commercial agency agreement.

Partner sought

The Polish company offers its subcontracting and distribution/ commercial agency services to companies from different sectors in the EU, especially in Western Europe. The company is looking for partners interested in creating dedicated and unconventional websites with their own CMS. The potential partner will be responsible to maintain contact with customers and contracting and/or shall be a contractor, who would be able to hire a Polish company as a subcontractor for creating websites. The company prefers partners with a network of clients in a given country and the ability to cooperate in the internet marketing sector. The company looks for reliable partners and is highly interested in long-term cooperation.


The Polish company is one of the oldest Polish interactive agencies that has already carried out over 1000 implementation projects in the area of internet, software and marketing. At the company operating since 2000, they have their own hosting brand, perfect solutions for websites (CMS system) and staff that takes up even the most unusual challenges. The company created the perfect Content Management System (CMS), which is a modern, modular website content management platform created for small and medium websites, as well as for freelancers/designers seeking reliable CMS systems that are easy to implement. CMS was designed to make entering data effective and intuitive and it reduces the time required to set up a new website. With CMS creating, organizing and managing information on your webpage is a breeze. Another advantage of CMS is that the system itself does not generate any HTML code, which makes it very easy to maintain code consistency and its compliance with HTML standards, thanks to which the websites are positioned very well. The system also has a user manual and full technical and API (application programming interface) documentation, which means that the system is used by many interactive agencies. The system has already had over 500 implementations. As one of the first agencies on the market, the company started implementing websites based on the latest standards: HTML5 (HyperText Markup Language) and CSS3 (Cascading Style Sheets). The company also implements websites for the visually impaired - compliant with the WCAG 2.0 standard (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines). Additionally, the company builds mobile-friendly and responsive websites (RWD- responsive web design) for designing and adapting websites for different resolutions. Advantages of the RWD (or mobile-friendly) websites: • faster page loading on mobile devices • ease of use of the RWD website • increasing the availability and footfall of the website • improved positioning • increasing the competitive advantage - RWD websites are still a rarity. The company’s offer also includes: • Designing and creating e-stores • Wide range of company image creation services (branding) • Web marketing services • Search engine optimization - SEO, Web Positioning The company is looking for EU partners in order to enlarge its business and to enter new markets, especially in Western Europe. The goal is to benefit from each other’s network, experience and international subcontracting or distribution / commercial agency activities. The company is interested in a long-term partnership.

Advantages and innovations

• Many years of professional experience • Thanks to high flexibility, the company is able to adjust its offer to most tight budgets, • The company’s projects are characterized by high quality, • The company is involved in communication with clients who have an insight into the implementation of the project at each of its stages, • The company undertakes cooperation with demanding customers and projects. • The company is open to new trends and it quickly adapts to changing conditions, • Perfect efficiency of the company results from the methodology adopted by it - agile project management (SCRUM), • Professional specialists in many fields: graphic design, coding, programming, usability of systems. • Moreover, the company offers timely completion of any tasks and flexibility to adapt to the requirements of the market and clients.

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