The Polish company offers outsourcing in the field of packaging food products and dietary supplements


The Polish company offers a packaging service for food products, dietary supplements and lyophilisates. The offered form of cooperation will be based on an outsourcing agreement. Partners are sought in all European Union countries and United Kingdom.

Partner sought

Partners sought for cooperation in all EU countries and in Great Britain. Both SMEs and large companies operating in the food industry and producers of dietary supplements who want to delegate some of the tasks related to packaging to an external company. Experience in foreign cooperation will be appreciated.


A family company from central Poland, operating in the food industry since 1989, offers outsourcing in the field of packaging of dietary supplements, lyophilisates from plant extracts, vitamins and minerals. The company specializes in packaging, among others: loose, granulated, dusty products, powders, tablets, capsules, gummies or liquids and semi-liquids (from 10 to 150 ml). The products can be packed in foil bags, sachets, doypack packages, cardboard boxes, cans, glass bottles (possibility of induction sealing), plastic bottles (PET, PE, PP), aluminum or recycled paper. The company offers comprehensive services in the field of packaging, labeling and storage of both dietary supplements and a wide range of food products. They have experience in the production and packaging of dietary supplements and foods labeled "vege", "non-GMO", "gluten free", as well as kosher and halal products. The company provides manual and machine labeling services, labeling unit and collective packaging, and printing labels. The company has its own production and warehouse facilities (area over thousands of square meters). All packaging-related processes are compliant with the HACCP system - Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points. Providing the highest standards, all stages of packaging, cleanliness of work stations, as well as specific values ​​of temperature and air humidity in production and storage rooms are subject to control. The company also offers a repackaging service, e.g. repacking products from collective packaging into unit packaging. Foreign cooperation will enable the company to increase the base of existing customers, which will also increase the company's competitiveness on the Polish market. The offered form of cooperation based on outsourcing in all countries of the European Union and in the United Kingdom.

Advantages and innovations

- experience in the food industry for over 30 years, - activities in accordance with the certificate (HACCP), - own production and storage facilities, area 1 thousand m2, - ecological packaging (glass or recycled paper), - comprehensive services: packaging, labeling and storage, etc. - a wide range of packaging options (foil bags, sachets, cans, boxes, etc.) - the possibility of packing various types of products (loose, granulated, dusty, powders, tablets, capsules, gummies or liquids and semi-liquids) - price competitiveness (compared to Western Europe) - the packaging process takes place in Poland, - the company does not outsource packaging to external companies

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