Polish company renovating and restoring historical windows and doors seeks agents and offers subcontracting


Polish carpentry workshop dealing mainly with renovation and restoration of historical windows and doors seeks agents and offers subcontracting agreements.

Partner sought

A potential partner should be reliable and solvent. An agent should have established contacts on the market of conservation, restoration and renovation services. Main contractors should have a stable position on the market and transnational experience. The company is interested in long-term projects.


Polish carpentry workshop specializes in renovation and restoration of old, historical windows, doors, gates, stairs especially in old buildings under supervision of historic preservation officers in respective cities, where the work is being carried. The company is also manufacturing new windows, doors, stairs and casements resembling the old ones. Customized and tailored-products are also offered to individual clients. Apart from its conservation, renovation and restoration services, they also manufacture: carports, balcony railings, roof soffit, sheds, bowers, tailor-made furniture incl. beds, tables and cupboards made out of wood. The company itself works with different type of wood such as pine, oak and larch. Their products are made out of solid wood and glued timber. In each case old-style hardware fittings are being used. Currently, they are seeking agents to promote their unique services on other EU markets, especially German, Austrian, Dutch and Danish, where you can find loads of historical buildings in need of restoration. Moreover, they are also interested in subcontracting agreements in large-scale projects of renovation and restoration.

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