Portuguese company is looking for trade intermediaries for fish and seafood products under commercial agency or distribution services agreements


Portuguese company from Madeira Island specialized in the production and commercialization of fish and seafood products (fresh and frozen), including black scabbard fish, tuna fish and limpets, is interested in offering its products abroad through commercial agency or distribution services agreements.

Partner sought

The company is seeking for other European companies with experience in the seafood industry and its commercialization, that are interested in commercialize these products in their markets, through commercial agency or distribution services agreements. They may be wholesalers/distributors of food products, grocery stores or supermarkets. Restaurants, hotels or catering companies can also be considered, since these products can be used for preparing meals for sale. The specific requirements of the food safety/HACCP must be met.


This Portuguese company from Madeira Island was established in 1992, starting its activity in 1996. It is the main distributor of fish in the region and it was the first company in Portugal that offered frozen black scabbard fish fillets, which is a very healthy fish, with a high nutritional value. Although the core business is preparing black scabbard fish fillets (about 1200 tonnes per year), the company also produces and sells several species of fish and shellfish, wild and aquaculture, fresh and frozen. In 2004 the company began fish farming (aquaculture) with gilthead seabream. The main products of the company are: • Frozen black scabbard fish (fillets and fish eggs); • Fresh tuna; • Gilthead seabream fresh and frozen; • Limpets (fresh, frozen and pickled); • Dry skipjack. Due to the seasonality and the lack of some species, the company imports some raw material by ensuring the quality and safety standards of its suppliers. The company currently works with demanding markets, including countries such as Spain, Venezuela and Australia, in addition to Madeira and the Portuguese mainland, fulfilling very rigorous requirements, particularly with regard to food safety/HACCP. This client is searching for other European companies to establish commercial agency or distribution services agreements to sell its products abroad, thus expanding its business to other markets. The company intends long term commitments.

Advantages and innovations

Through this partnership, potential partners have the opportunity to enrich their offer/product range, with healthy products with a high nutritional value. Potential partners can also benefit from working with a partner with more than 20 years of experience in the seafood sector and high knowledge of the market. There is potential for the products to cross-over into other sectors, since both can be sold to final consumers through grocery stores and supermarkets for home use or to restaurants and hotels, taking into account that are greatly appreciated by chefs.

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