Romanian manufacturer of soil conditioner and pest control products, made out of zeolite, is looking for distributors


A Romanian company specialised in the extraction and processing of zeolite minerals is looking for partners to distribute their products for agriculture: zeolite with foliar application, and soil conditioner. The products are 100% natural and eco-friendly, with proven results in the improvement of crops. The collaboration would be in the frame of a distribution agreement.

Partner sought

The company is interested to distribute its new and ecological products on the international market. Therefore, they are looking for partners who are in the distribution and intermediaries field of business. As a producer, it is necessary for them to identify international collaborators who can ensure the distribution transactions. The company will deliver their products (bulk/packed) and the future international partners will be ready to add and sell the products in their logistic system. The partner will have the responsibility to make the product available to: manufacturers of inputs for agriculture, farmers associations, ecological rodent control companies. The company started already to sell the products outside Romanian market and they envision the collaboration as a part of their business expansion. They set up a dedicated team which is in charge of the internationalisation process. The collaboration should be under the form of a distribution services agreement.


The company has been founded in 2013 and its aim is to exploit one of the few deposits of zeolites in Romania. The Zeolites processing factory was opened in June 2015 when the investment program was completed and the advanced production line, with breakthrough technology that allows processing of zeolite rocks, has been up and running. The extraordinary properties of zeolites have defined the company's interest to turn a natural and ecological resource into finite products or raw material for various industries. The properties of zeolites can be successfully used in agriculture with visible improvement in crops but also reduced spending on agricultural work. Two of those products are destined for agriculture: zeolite with foliar application and soil conditioner. Zeolite with foliar application Is a natural pest control product based on clinoptilolite zeolite, designed in order to monitor moulds, fungi, harmful insects but also molluscs that can cause considerable damage to plants, thus stimulating their healthy growth. Due to its water absorption and desorption capacity, the product modifies the humid microclimate on the leaf surface, which is conducive to pest multiplication. It promotes the feeding of plants through the foliar system and reduces the loss by washing of assimilable microelements through the stomata on the surface of the leaves, thus stimulating the efficient growth of the plant. Soil conditioner It improves the quality of the soil through its capacity to absorb harmful substances, water retention and cationic exchange capacity. The soil conditioner is recommended in fruit growing, vegetable growing, grain, industrial crops and any kind of indoor gardening. Properties and benefits of the conditioner: • Reduces nitrates from the water penetrating into soil and thus reduces nitrates from plants; • Retains heavy metals from soil or water and thus their concentration in plants; • Balances soil PH, having as a result a greater resistance of plants and even of fruits and vegetables after harvest; • Balances soil moisture and improves soil quality. The sandy soils will retain the water longer and the clay soils will become softer contributing to the development of the plants and, at the same time, to the facilitation of the agricultural works. • Contributes with essential chemical elements Silica, Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium, Phosphorus, Copper, Zinc to the plant’s metabolism; • Contributes to the development of a strong root system, especially during the shoots; • Ensures a higher germination rate of the seeds. The mineralogical analyses of the row material show that the concentration of zeolites is above 90% which take to the conclusion that the deposits are of special value. The quality of raw material is proved by numerous documents: • Chemical analysis; • Mineralogical Analysis; • Various studies and researches regarding the main usages of zeolites in different areas; • Analysis for material radioactivity; • Document showing the properties of retaining heavy metals and radioactive substances; • Dioxin Analysis; • Analyses regarding the cationic exchange capabilities; • Sanitary Notices issued by specialized institutions. There is no part of the technological process that involves the use of toxic substances. There is only the extraction of ore from the quarry and its processing process, which is done through specific procedures. The exploitation done by the factory meets all environmental requirements. All procedures are performed under the authorization of legal institutions. The company is looking for partners working or providing services in the agricultural area, to collaborate under a distribution services agreement.

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