Russian manufacturer of medical equipment is looking for distributors


The Russian company that specializes in the development and manufacturing of medical devices and reagents for diagnostic is looking for partners abroad under distribution services agreement.

Partner sought

Type: SMEs, large business, drug stores, medical organizations. Sphere: companies which are engaged in trading of medical equipment and reagents, clinics, hospitals. Role: Potential partners should be the distributors and organize sales of the Russian company products on the foreign markets


The Russian company from St. Petersburg specializes in technologies for intravital histological diagnosis of cancer pathologies, tumors of different etiology, tuberculosis, infections and other diseases. The company was founded in 2008. The company is a representative of the leading World producers of diagnostic equipment and consumables and around 10 years on the market. The company develops and manufactures medical equipment and reagents that provide accurate and rapid diagnostics. Nowadays the company manufacturers more than 350 kinds of reagents. The company makes modifications to measure the properties of paraffin. Another segment of the company is the production of solutions and dyes. The company produces ready-to-use solutions, such as 10% formalin, histological wiring solution, decalcifying solutions, buffer solutions, as well as solutions and dye kits for standard and special staining. For the production of reagents, the company uses raw materials from the UK and also made in its own laboratory. All products are designed and manufactured by the company's engineers. All of the company's own products have registration certificates and international certificates of conformity. Each batch of goods undergoes quality control in several medical and scientific laboratories to confirm complete safety. The company's products are needed in clinics, hospitals, medical laboratories and rehabilitation centers. Thanks to these products, medical centers can better perform a complete diagnosis of the body and determine the disease. The company supplies its products throughout Russia as well as to the CIS countries and the West. The producer packs its products in special hermetic plastic containers with a volume of 100 to 1000 ml. The package weight can be from 0.1-1.5 kg. The delivered products are kept in special refrigerators that maintain a certain temperature and humidity. The company is interested in finding partners from the sphere of wholesale and retail trade of pharmaceuticals and medical devices to conclude distribution services agreement for obtaining reagents produced by the Russian company for the further distribution into foreign markets. The Russian company is ready to organize the transportation of the products to the partners. In the framework of the agreement the company will deliver the products to the partner, and the last will organize the sales and marketing processes in the international markets. As a result of cooperation The Russian company wants to expand its presence on the foreign markets. Potential partners should be the distributors and organize sales of the Russian company products on the foreign markets. The potential partner will receive a new quality product to represent to the market.

Advantages and innovations

- The company also has chemical and metal production, using its own Laboratory Information Systems (LIS), and software statistics systems. - All products have a private Registration Certificate and certificates of compliance. - Specialists of the company develop and support educational and scientific projects. - The company controls the quality of the products on each product stage. The patented innovative solutions are used in production processes.

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