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A Turkish design company from the health sector is looking for outsourcing agreement


The Turkish company was established in 2019, Kayseri, Turkey. The company provides 3D modeling and industrial design services/consultancy externally. It is specialised in design for healthcare sector. In addition, the company provides consultancy services to university projects. The company is looking for outsourcing agreements.

Partner sought

The company is open to cooperation agreements with medical chemical manufacturers, production agreements with industry branches, and project cooperation agreements with doctors. The company offers 3D modelling and design services for manufacturers so it can make easier their manufacturing processes. The potential partner could be industry or SME. The company is looking for outsourcing agreements.


The Turkish company offers 3D modeling and industrial design services/consultancy to the manufacturers. The company is still working on some R&D activities about their designs/projects. There are biomedical engineers, electrical and electronics engineers and software developers in the company. The phototherapy device of the Turkish company is used in the treatment of jaundice of babies in newborn intensive care. Cellular blood dyeing device, which has an alpha prototype and the company works on for commercial prototype of it. The device, that increases the quality of the examination by painting with special medical dyes before the blood samples taken, is examined in the hematology laboratories and it automates the manual painting process. Micrometer scoring surgical hand tool, which Turkish company has designed and sent to production, facilitates the cutting process during plastic surgeries more precisely and faster during surgery. The company can meet many productive activities within itself thanks to its team with external design, industrial design, embedded software, electronic circuit design, and artificial intelligence areas. The company is providing R&D services to the manufacturers also looking for a company that can produce their designs&machines. The company is looking for outsourcing agreements.

Advantages and innovations

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Development stage

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Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

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