A Turkish company specialized in healthcare information management system seeks commercial agents and offers subcontracting services


A Turkish company which is specialized in healthcare information management systems offers solutions in areas such as healthcare information systems (HIS/HMIS), picture archiving and communication system (PACS), laboratory information system (LIS), radiology information system (RIS), enterprise resource planning (ERP), electronic document management system (EDMS), etc. The company looks for long-term business partners via commercial agency and subcontracting agreements.

Partner sought

The company aims to establish long-term business partnerships via commercial agency and subcontracting agreements. The customers of the company are mainly private and public hospitals and clinics and Ministry of Health. The commercial agents are expected to promote the company's products in local markets and establish the link between the end-users and the Turkish company. Furthermore, the company wants to sign subcontracting agreement with hospitals, clinics, companies involved in medical sector in order to set up its systems.


A Turkish company which is specialized in developing healthcare information management systems provides sustainable solutions for stakeholders and professionals in the following healthcare fields: - Health information system (HIS/HMIS) - Picture archiving and communication system (PACS) - Laboratory information system (LIS) - Radiology information system (RIS) - Enterprise resource planning (ERP) - Electronic document management system (EDMS) - - Mobile application for IOS, android and windows mobile - Patient portal - Intensive care unit (ICU) Health information system allows the systematic, orderly and timely process of any workflow in hospitals, chain hospitals and clinics which aims to increase the revenue and patient experience by minimizing the usage of time and expenses. The system, powered by cloud technology, has multi-language support (English, Arabic, Spanish, Turkish, French, Azeri, Russian, Urdu, Kazakh). The solution provided by the company can be integrated with more than 500 laboratory and radiology devices. It also provides integration and interface tool for lab equipment/devices and more third-party applications. So far, the company collaborated with well-known brands in order to integrate its system. The used system is a scalable solution that enables central database structure. The company has also branch offices in USA and Dubai. The company's aim is to provide end-to-end sustainable solutions for stakeholders and professionals in the healthcare field with a human centric approach. In order to establish long-term business partnerships, the company looks for commercial agents and offers subcontracting agreement.

Advantages and innovations

- The system comes with a smart drag & drop feature. It is web-based and browser independent, so it does not require any installation on individual systems; - The system minimizes the material losses, reduces paperwork and is user and environment friendly; - All modules and interfaces can be accessed from a unique work environment. It is developed with Java, Ajax, RIA and SOA; - With company's advanced 3D picturing and radiology workstation, customers can also access to picture with mobile devices regardless of location and time and track their patients and documents; -The system is also compatible with International Standards (ISO, CE, IHE, HL7, ICD, SPICE 3, CC, ONC Meaningful Use); - The company has completed some and there are ongoing projects both nationwide and abroad. -Among many others, the company is ISO 27001, ISO 9001:2015; ISO 10002; ISO 20000; ISO 27001, ISO 15504, CE certified.

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