A Turkish manufacturer of products such as baby and adult diapers, wet wipes, bed sheets, liquid soap and baby shampoo seeks commercial agencies


The manufacturer of baby and adult diapers, wet wipes, bed sheets, liquid soap and baby shampoo operates in Turkey since 2000. The greatest principle is to produce quality products and introduce its consumers to the latest technology products. Exporting 70% of its manufactured products, the company has been among the largest industrial enterprises since 2013. The company is seeking commercial agencies which have potential clients in order to expand its sales networks.

Partner sought

The Turkish company is looking for companies as co-partners to expand their products to international markets. The company is looking forward to establishing partnerships under commercial agencies agreements with well-established companies that are experienced in the baby products sector in EU member countries, UK, and the USA. The agencies are expected to increase the sales by using all sales channels in its region.


The manufacturer of baby products in Gaziantep, Turkey operates since 2000. The main principle of the company is to provide the highest quality products with the latest technology. All the products are produced under ISO 9001 quality assurance certificate and the delivery term is very short depending on the production capacity of 1.6 billion baby diapers, 78 million adult diapers, 10 million wet wipes, and 2.700 tons of liquid soap per year with the last technologic production lines. Baby and adult diapers were clinically tested by reputable German laboratories with 3 different types of tests depending on sensitivity level, normal, 3-star, and 5-star premium quality. The products passed all clinical tests and have been awarded the 5-star premium quality award. In addition to this, they have been awarded the Oeko-Tex certificate bypassing hundreds (over 500) tests conducted in independent, reputable laboratories of the world, which conduct tests to ensure that it does not contain harmful substances and can be used safely in babies/adults. The company has already many clients. However, it would like to expand its sales network with commercial agency agreements all around EU member countries, UK, and the USA.

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