Ukraine IT company, creator of the proprietary e-commerce platform is looking for partners to conclude commercial agency agreement.


The company from Ukraine, which develops and delivers a cutting-edge digital commerce platform in commerce as a service model. This digital commerce platform supports B2B, B2C, marketplace and omnichannel sales models and is best suited for businesses with gross merchandise value over $5m. The company is currently looking for partners, specialized in B2B sales, to sign a long-term relationship commercial agency agreement

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Currently, the company is looking for business partners who can support it in its search for customers. The company is especially interested in customers who operate digital commerce businesses with a focus on the B2B sales model, thus the potential business partner should have experience in working with these or similar customers. The potential partners would operate as representatives and engage in operations that would improve the company’s market recognition within the local market and most importantly, acquire new customers. The cooperation between the company and business partner would be based on the commission sales model, where for each acquired sales contract, the partner would receive a percentage fee. The company allows the possibility of signing a commercial agency contract with interested companies. The company is seeking business partners, which specialize in supplying enterprise-grade software for medium and large businesses, preferably, related to digital commerce. The partner would be engaged in the active promotion of the company’s digital commerce platform in the market and the discovery of potential customers, the company can cooperate within terms of supplying a digital commerce platform. Therefore, the role of the partner would include market segmentation, verification of potential cooperation opportunities (identification of needs and available budget) and arrangement of business meetings between the company and potential end customers. Whenever the business lead provided by the partner will be converted into an active customer (ie. the company will sign a contract with the customer), the partner will receive a transaction fee, based on the agreement with the company. The potential partner should already have an experience in selling and promoting the enterprise-grade software, preferably digital commerce platforms. Experience in international sales will be considered as an additional asset.


The company from Ukraine that develops a digital commerce platform for online resellers and distributors. This platform is built-around cutting-edge technologies. Currently, the company employs 120 digital commerce experts, of which over 70% are developers. The digital commerce platform provided by the company fills a specific market niche by being able to deliver wide customization possibilities, align with specific business logic while at the same time providing agile growth and innovation opportunities. The company takes the full responsibility of the security, performance, maintenance, development and upgrades of each individual digital commerce platform used by its customers, helping to streamline their operations, reduce their total cost of ownership (TCO) and improve business management. The digital commerce platform created by the company is suitable for medium and large businesses which sell their products online to consumers and businesses, through online stores, B2B platforms, and marketplaces, and want to avoid any compromises while running and developing their business. Many widely-available SaaS commerce platforms, which offer a wide out-of-the-box functionality, lack deep customization capabilities, not being able to address the specific needs of those businesses. On the other hand, a dedicated made-to-order commerce platforms, although tailored to the specific needs, require huge spendings to be further scaled and developed. The platform provided by the company eliminates the compromises of these two distinct solutions and enables businesses to access a digital commerce solution that, while allowing to be tailored to their specific business logic, can be scaled and developed in a much more effective way. One of the standout features of the commerce platform provided by the company is commerce-oriented architecture. Commerce oriented architecture is a combination of technologies that give the platform its unique features. Marketplace management system: - Managing users and their roles allows you to flexibly give rights to the necessary functionality of the marketplace using the role model; - The bulletin board allows platform members to share news, promotions, and offers with each other and discuss them in the comments; - Requests the ability for the marketplace to monitor the completion of tasks, such as responses to requests from customers and suppliers; - Managing user documentation; - Manage notification recipients; - Management of critical residues; - Management of the ratings; - Managing integrations with third party systems; - Localization ability to select units of measurement, platform language, and user interface; - The bulletin board will allow platform members to share news, promotions, and offers with each other and discuss them in the comments; - Requests or tasks the ability for the marketplace to monitor the fulfillment of tasks by suppliers, such as responses to customer requests; Merchant administration system MAS - allows you to effectively manage suppliers and involve them in marketplace processes Orders management systems OMS - allows you to monitor the fulfillment of orders by suppliers and track the current status of orders Product information management PIM - allows you to collect, store and manage content in a single place, to form and distribute a product range to one or more storefronts; - Automatic import using automated interfaces API will allow you to synchronize the product base with your ERP; They are willing to sign a commercial agency agreement with such parties.

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