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A Ukrainian company is looking for partners interested in solving specific tasks in the field of 3D under a commercial agency, manufacturing or outsourcing agreements.


The company that is based in the center of Western Ukraine, manufactures object manufacturing, object scanning, cad modelling and integration of 3d (the three dimensional) processes into production and design is looking for commercial agency, manufacturing or outsourcing agreements.

Partner sought

The company is looking for partners that specialize in finding customers involved in innovation, new product development and startups, which are essentially consolidators of requests for services. The company also seeks customers that would need prototyping and 3D printing services, for example, start-ups, toolmakers, foundries, architects and other companies. The interests are in long-term cooperation under commercial agency, manufacturing or outsourcing agreements.


A Ukrainian company from Lviv for 3 years is a pioneer in 3D printing and related 3D services in Ukraine. The company regularly cooperates in these areas with partners from China, India, Italy, France and Germany. Successful cases with clients from Georgia, Moldova, Israel, Poland. In general, the company operates in three main vectors: 1. The company specializes in manufacturing of prototypes, single copies, small series and molds for various types of casting (from silicone to thermoplastic machines) from thermoplastics, photopolymers, metal. 2. The company's 3D scanning and modelling division has extensive experience in digital modelling services, in colour and without, all stages from a point cloud to a solid Cad model, scanning and modelling of objects. 3. The business unit successfully integrates 3D equipment and processes in the field of production, development, prototyping, education, medicine. Accompanies startups to optimize their production and helps to create their first working prototypes for testing and presentation to investors. The company is interested in cooperation with companies that produce new products, creative inventions, restore old ones and create and demonstrate new works of art, as well as with those who in the near future plan to use 3D technology in their production. Interested in working on a permanent basis in the long run. Consultation on possible ways and methods of execution of the request, in case of lack of necessary capacities - redirection to our partners and offering an alternative variant of execution of the request. The company is looking for long-term cooperation in the frame of manufacturing and/or outsourcing agreement with companies from abroad. At this moment SME expands trading network and is looking for new partners: wholesalers and DIY(do-it-yourself) retailers in countries all over the world. The agents are expected to sell the company's products in their markets and promote the company itself.

Advantages and innovations

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Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

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Please note: We are unable to process expressions of interest at the moment, until our partnership status with the Enterprise Europe Network has been confirmed for 2022 and beyond.