UK medical diagnostics company, specialising in fungal rapid-diagnostic tests seeks global collaboration through distribution and / or commercial agency agreement


UK medical diagnostics company, specialising in fungal and bacterial diagnostics to the healthcare sector. The fungal rapid-diagnostic tests fit seamlessly into current treatment pathways and can reduce the rate of drug resistant infections by promoting a new diagnostic led approach. The company wish to expand internationally and is seeking global partners with knowledge in the microbial diagnostics market in their territory, for distribution and/or commercial agency agreements.

Technical Specification or Expertise Sought

It is envisaged that interested partners will have current experience of sales in the microbiology test and consumables market, ideally with knowledge of the microbiology products market in their respective territory . The company will consider collaborating with a distributor, with in-depth knowledge of the industry, to expand the reach of its clinical diagnostic products.

Partner sought

The UK company is wishing to establish its products in the global clinical diagnostics market and is seeking partners with knowledge of the sale of the microbiology products market to enter into a distribution and /or commercial agency agreement. They are looking for global collaborations to extend the reach of their fungal diagnostic test to healthcare providers in new territories.


UK sme medical diagnostics company is a specialist in fungal diagnostic tests for use in hospital laboratories and near patient point of care testing. The company was established in 2011 and they launched their first products in March 2014, manufacturing diagnostic tests for the detection of invasive fungal infections in their specialist laboratories and manufacturing facility. Their catalogue includes both laboratory tests that use qPCR (quantitative polymerase chain reaction) and point of care tests using lateral flow antibody-based assay technologies. They are well established in the UK with NHS Pathology Services as one of their major customers. The tests include rapid diagnostics for the following fungal diseases: 1. Aspergillosis species which is a major cause of infection of the lung in immuno-compromised patients and patients with chronic pulmonary disease. 2. Candida Species a known cause of fungal septicaemia 3. Pneumocytosis a major infection of immuno-compromised patients. It is estimated that 50% of annual global AIDs deaths are caused by fungal infection, but this mortality rate could be reduced by 80% with better diagnostics facilitating better therapeutic management of patients. Data like this illustrate why rapid fungal diagnostics are set to become part of the mainstream clinical diagnostic practice in hospitals worldwide. The diagnostic led approach in healthcare settings results in a reduction in unnecessary anti-fungal drug usage, this approach can be further enhanced by this company's panel of fungal diagnostic tests. These rapid tests obtain a result in less than one hour and have the advantage of using equipment already found in hospital pathology laboratories. The reduction in time supports faster therapeutic decision making. The company has an in house research and development group, who are also looking to develop specific assays as requested by healthcare providers and partners. To expand internationally the UK company is offering a distribution agreement and/ commercial agency agreement to global partners with knowledge in the medical microbiology products market. It is envisaged that a partner will already have experience of direct sales to healthcare providers.

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