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German sales agency is offering commercial and distribution services for chemical, pharmaceutical and engineering industries


This German sales agency with 15 years of experience is looking for new products to add to the existing ‎portfolio under commercial agency or distribution services agreement. The agency's current focus is on chemical, pharmaceutical and engineering industries.

Technical Specification or Expertise Sought

+ Advertising materials in German language + Existing customer relationships that can be expanded + A product suitable for the German market + Product training courses

Partner sought

The partner is a producing company in the field of mechanical engineering, plant construction and sealing technology with applications for the chemical, pharmaceutical and mechanical engineering industries. He is manufacturer of equipment and machinery in the field of mixing, stirring, storage and pumping.


The German Sales Agency has over 15 years of sales experience in the sales area of chemical, pharmaceutical and engineering industries. The company owns approximatively 14.000 active customer contacts. The company offers as well the take over and the care of existing customers and support as well as the acquisition of new customers. The sales agency is in close contact with the German users and decision makers. The speciality is the highly corrosive environment, as well as consumables such as mechanical seals, vessel seals, stirrers and everything related to vessels, stirrer drives and pipelines. The company is looking for manufacturers ‎who seek a reliable, long-term commercial or distribution ‎partner to sell their B2B ‎products within Germany or / and Europe ‎‎(under sales agency or distribution services agreement)

Advantages and innovations

Not available

Development stage

Already on the market

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

Not available


Please note: We are unable to process expressions of interest at the moment, until our partnership status with the Enterprise Europe Network has been confirmed for 2022 and beyond.