Russian producer of medical equipment is looking for reliable suppliers of heat moisture exchanging paper elements for respiratory filters


The Russian company is engaged in the production and distribution of medical equipment and components. The company is looking for reliable manufacturers of heat moisture exchanging paper elements for its production purposes. This paper filter element is necessary for the production of breathing filters. The company is ready to cooperate on the basis of a supplier agreement.

Technical Specification or Expertise Sought

The Russian Federation is ready to purchase medical paper filter element in batches with a total of 250 thousand per year. The size of the material should be: diameter 50+-0.5 mm height - 15+-0.5 mm. This material must be resistant to oxygen with a concentration from 21 to 100%. The filter element must provide moisture loss and comply with all ISO quality standards. This material must be stored in the warehouses of the manufacturer and consumer (temperature from 0 °C to +35 ° C, relative humidity 90%). The following documents are also required for the material: documents allowing the importation into the Russian Federation (Certificate of conformity); certificate of the Customs Union; safety data sheet (SDS); TDS.

Partner sought

Type: SME, large companies, manufacturers and suppliers of medical devices, components, equipment. Role: Based on this agreement, the potential supplier will have to supply the Russian company with medical components for the production in the prescribed volume and on time.


The Russian company distributes medical equipment. Now the company is preparing its own production base for which it will produce medical equipment. Now the company is increasing its capacity and is looking for suppliers of high-quality raw materials. A Russian company is looking for a manufacturer of medical components and materials. The company is interested in purchasing a heat moisture exchanging paper element that is used for the production of breathing filters. It is used as a component part for assembling of filters for breathing system of artificial lung ventilation. This component must be from high-purity medical grade hydroscopic microporous paper. This component should be made of high-purity medical hygroscopic microporous paper. The material must be made without glue, coating and pigments, and also resistant to oxygen with a concentration from 21 to 100%. The outer surface of the material must be clean, undamaged and free of metal dust particles and traces of processing agents. The paper color is white. Differential pressure less than 10 Pa with 30 l/min flow. Filter element should provide water output from filter not less than 34 ml/l according to EN ISO 9630-1. The supplied material must be packed in a plastic bag and a corrugated shipping box. The plastic bag must be tightly closed and prevent dust and other contaminants from entering. The shipping box must exclude mechanical damage and jamming of products. The maximum weight is 15 kg. Transport boxes with products should be placed on wooden pallets with a size of 1200x800mm in stacks with a height of no more than 2000 mm. Corrugated transport boxes are transported by all types on transport (temperature from -50°C to +50°C). During transportation, storage, shipment follow the safety rules in order to prevent of damage, fall and contamination. The amount of raw materials supplied is up to 250,000 per year. The company is ready to cooperate with a potential partner on the terms of a supplier agreement. More precise terms and volumes will be discussed personally.

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