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Meet the Scaleup Directors who'll help you

Our team have impressive credentials. When you enrol in the programme you’ll have a designated Scaleup Director, but access to all of them.
Mark, Director of ICAX with his Scaleup Director, Steve, at its proof of concept.

Meet our Scaleup Directors, who work with clients on the Scaleup Programme.

With a wealth of experience between them in commercialising and launching new innovations, collaborating with UK and international partners, protecting, and exploiting intellectual property, fundraising, and implementing finance strategies, they are uniquely positioned to help companies excel on their scaling journey.

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What our clients say about us

Mark Hewitt ICAX

We’re thriving in a disruptive sector with Innovate UK support. Its strategic input has been invaluable to help grow our business

Mark Hewitt ICAX

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