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C4 Carbides delivers a cutting edge

Pete Nicolson, CEO C4 Carbides

© C4 Carbides

A decade ago, Cambridge-based blade manufacturer C4 Carbides had broken into the US market and built up annual sales of £3 million. But in a fast-moving industry it faced a simple choice: innovate or stagnate.


Since first meeting with EEN in the East of England in 2009, CEO Pete Nicholson has been able to tap into grants that led to ground-breaking R&D, patents and products, as well as making a range of other invaluable connections. Turnover stands today at £11 million.


An introduction by EEN to the University of Hertfordshire proved the turning point, a partnership which encouraged Pete to inject academic rigour into his engineering team with the help of Innovate UK funding.


As a result, C4 Carbides developed a revolutionary diamond-coated blade, creating a cutting edge with unprecedented resilience.


It is now a truly international business, selling to Japan, China, Switzerland and across Europe, as well as the US. 


The next project is 3D printing of ‘smart teeth’ made from functionally graded, super-abrasive materials. With this market estimated to be worth £2.5 billion globally, the company plans to grow turnover to £70 million over the next decade.

When I set up the company many years ago, I was very creative and imaginative, but when people start to think a lot of themselves they stop looking outside the box. Innovation started to scare me.

Pete Nicolson, CEO C4 Carbides

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