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Design firm flourishes in new markets with novel vase

Rokos concept vase

A leading UK design company looking to sell into a discerning European market found a Czech partner who could cut costs by boosting production rates while meeting the highest standards of craftsmanship.

Rokos, an award-winning London studio, was struggling to find the right manufacturer for its iconic Gauge Vase until it approached the EEN London office at UCL for a free business and technology audit.


Glass manufacturer

Armed with a detailed technical brief they shared on the network, EEN counterparts in Prague used their local knowledge to introduce Novosad & syn Harrachov, the oldest glass manufacturer in the country.

The Gauge Vase is designed to lean and sway and will find its own balance - upright when fully watered, tilting when needing to be topped up.


Technological innovations

While maintaining product quality, the Czech company has achieved huge cuts in manufacturing costs through technological innovations that boosted production to 50 vases an hour.

So pleased are both sides with the initial collaboration that they are looking to work on metal-based products as well, and potentially other products.

"All my thanks to the Enterprise Europe Network. I can only recommend you to my former colleague designers who struggle to find the right match to make their product ideas happen."

Jim Rokos, industrial designer:

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