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Digital exhibitions offer a new window on art

WallMuse supported by EEN

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Taking exhibitions into the virtual realm in this way introduces a new artistic dimension to public spaces, transport, hotels and restaurants and, eventually, people’s homes.


EEN in London has helped the company gain access to funding, to raise private finance and look for business partners in Europe, particularly architects and interior designers, construction and building management companies.


The EEN team also introduced WallMuse to the Creative Europe Culture programme, which has co-financed a collaboration with the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium and the State Museum of Contemporary Art Greece.  


Festivals and arts centres


The venture, SHaring ARt EXhibitions (SHAREX), will demonstrate to curators and professionals how to conceive, develop and broadcast their digital exhibitions in museums, festivals and art centres across the world.


Contemporary art can rarely be shared over the internet but WallMuse has rights to broadcast the work of nearly 100,000 artists. WallMuse operates on a transparent revenue sharing business model.


Equity funding


With multi-screen viewing, exhibitions on WallMuse applications can interact with and complement each other on a set of high-definition or 4K screens in a variety of settings, such as hospitality, public transport and architectural projects.

Paris will see its first art centre installation by July 2017 – a ground floor bar/club and a top floor restaurant with monitors and with a patchwork of LED surfaces integrated into its architecture.

Efforts are currently concentrated on raising equity funding in the UK and Europe and finalising plans to offer global subscription to the service.

A team of SHAREX tele-demonstrators has been set up in Athens to target key markets through events and webinars and a representative is spending time in Japan in 2017 to explore opportunities with potential partners around 8k technology and the 2020 Olympics.

EEN has been very helpful, guiding me through the EU funding proposals. It can be a long process.

Alexandre Khan, Founder


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