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Micro high-fidelity earbuds translate into worldwide orders

Women with MyManu earbuds

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Manchester-based engineer Danny Manu needed high-end market research to help him explore the potential of his prototype wireless earbuds offering real-time translation in 37 languages.


EEN in the North West of England stepped in with the necessary expertise and helped to put together a crowdfunding proposal as well as using its global network to explore options around manufacturing partners and distributors.


Danny launched the latest version of his MyManu-CLIK earbuds on the market at the world’s biggest technology event, the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.


Medical and military


He plans to go into production this year, initially at around 800,000 units. He has received an unsolicited approach from a major electronics contract manufacturing company based in the Far East.


Crowdfunding has been successful beyond expectations in attracting pledges and pre-orders. On Kickstarter, MyManu-CLIK raised £97,525 from 613 backers, against a £70,000 target, while an Indiegogo campaign has raised US $146,616.


MyManu-CLIK was chosen as one of the top 20 innovations at The Next Web technology event in the Netherlands this year.


Medical and military


Although Danny, 28, operates on a limited marketing budget, that sort of publicity has sparked global interest across business and industry, including from the medical and military sectors.


All see huge potential in a device that allows the wearer to interact with other people in 37 different languages, both face-to-face and over long distance.


Working prototype


Danny trained originally as an aerospace engineer but is also an enthusiastic musician who can play a variety of instruments by ear.


Before contacting EEN, he had sold his car and recording equipment and ploughed 80% of his salary from engineering work to finance development of a working, high-definition-audio prototype, integrating several micro-technologies from 11 sub-contractors.

EEN have been really supportive and helped me to apply for Innovate UK funding.

Danny Manu, founder

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