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An Indian company manufacturing ceramic tower packing materials is looking for distributors and commercial agents across the European Union

The Indian manufacturing company has started its business in the year 1962, has industrial partners around the world. The company manufactures ceramic tower packing materials and supplies to various industries such as fertilizer, chemical,

India expires in 5 months

Portuguese company offers its subcontracting and manufacturing services of mechanical components (milling, laser cutting and bending)

A Portuguese company established in 2015, specialized in precision machining (IS0 9001:2015 certified), mechanical project, development and manufacturing of control jigs, robot tools and part positioning apparatus for the control of

Portugal expires in 5 months

Israeli developer of innovative smart in room-level person identification and family monitoring is looking for distributors.

The Israeli based company specializes Room-Level positioning system for Smart Homes Automation. The company has developed a platform for smart homes that identifies who’s in a room by smart phones and smart watches and automates lights,

Israel expires in 5 months

Italian Company specialised in Risk prevention and mitigation related to wildfires monitoring

The nowadays worldwide wildfire context is defined by extreme fire behaviour characterized by rapid fire spread, intense burning, long-range fire spotting and unpredictable shifts. Extreme wildfire events have an extraordinary socio

Italy expires in 5 months

Polish designer and manufacturer of shoes is looking for distributors

A family-owned SME established by a Spanish-Mexican couple living in Poland has been operating in the garment and footwear industry since 2017. The firm specialises in the design and production of limited-edition, handmade shoes, and belts.

Poland expires in 11 months

The Ukrainian company specialized in production of different types of copper and aluminium wires for electrical purposes offers both manufacturing and distribution services agreement

The Ukrainian family-owned company has been successfully manufacturing its products on modern Austrian, Italian and English equipment and trading with wires since 1991 having good references and partnerships not only in Ukraine but in

Ukraine expires in 5 months

Commercial agents sought for workplace management software supporting organisation and collaborative use of hybrid workplaces

The lockdowns and business interruptions of Covid-19 pandemic have fostered transformation towards digitalized and innovative workplaces. It is expected that in most companies hybrid workplaces will stay the "new normal". An increasing

Germany expires in 11 months

An Armenian software development company is looking for outsourcing agreement

This company based in Armenia is a software development company, which provides cutting-edge technology solutions for any business and customer need. It has a team of young and talented professionals. In particular, the company is

Armenia expires in 5 months

Distributors for cosmetics are requested by an Italian company

The Italian family owned company was founded in 2005 in Rome. The company formulizes and produces only certified organic cosmetic products. Currently, the company is producing high-quality products for more than 15 years which are

Italy expires in 11 months

Manufacturer for mattresses for camper vans sought

An Austrian camper manufacturer is converting transporters/vans into camper vans since 2017. The company is located in Wels, Upper Austria. They are looking for a mattress manufacturer within the European Union (EU). The matresses are

Austria expires in 11 months

Radio Frequency (RF) Mesh Based Industrial IoT Solution

In recent years, there is an increased interest in IoT solutions with the introduction of application areas such as the Industrial Internet and Smart Grid. Wireless IoT networks consist of devices with wireless capability operating

Turkey expires in 11 months

Spanish company producing an e-scooter backrest which provides control stability and comfort looks for commercial partners to distribute its products and/or joint ventures.

The product was born in Spain in 2018 and after two years of trials and tests it is ready to be marketed world and Europe-wide. The company holds the patent in Spain, and it is pending for the rest of the world. Because in the future

Spain expires in 11 months

A Korea-based Vision AI company offering AR (Augmented Reality) software and contents is looking for global partners who can create greater value with its AR features in their services under license and/or outsourcing agreements.

Augmented reality (AR) has become a new buzzword in the digital world, and it is applied in multiple industries from gaming (i.e. Pokemon Go) and ecommerce to education and healthcare. Along with this trend, one of the Korean media tech

South Korea expires in 5 months

Multi-corporate pilot-driven acceleration program for international start-ups and scale-ups in the healthcare and biotech space.

The initiative is a multi-corporate, pilot-driven, business-oriented program targeted at growing and market-ready start-ups and scale-ups and it is the largest such program in Italy. Its first edition has seen 350+ applicants from 36

Italy expires in 1 month

A German manufacturer of high quality additives for fuels and lubricants is looking for international distribution partners

The German producer of additives for fuels and lubricants was founded 1993. It has been able to expand its portfolio continuously and supplies both dealers and customers directly. Additives are used in many areas of daily life. For example,

Germany expires in 11 months

Licence agreement sought for a web and mobile application for grocery stores and food consumers allowing to search and buy near-expired food products at lower prices

A start-up from Poland has developed a web and mobile application promoting the Zero-Waste social trend. Its goal is to prevent food wasting by sharing information on near-expired products available at discount prices in grocery stores.

Poland expires in 5 months

HORIZON-CL6-2022-FARM2FORK-02-04-two-stage: Smart solutions for the use of digital technologies for small and medium-sized farms and farm structures: Seeking EU partners specialized in fruit farming /viticulture/agricultural economics

The Italian consulting and planning Company (SME) has more than 35 years of experience in the Integrated Management and Control System (S.I.G.C.) of Community Contributions in the Agricultural sector (CAP) and has several R&D projects in

Italy expires in 1 week

UK leading supplier of Chinese Herbal Products is looking for distributors.

UK company based in the East of England is a wholesale supplier of Chinese herbs, nutrition range products, acupuncture products and more. They supply the best quality products to complementary therapists to enable them to provide safe and

United Kingdom expires in 5 months

A Romanian company specialized in business sales and acquisitions is looking for partners under outsourcing agreements

Established in Transylvania, the Romanian company has over 10 years of experience in sales and acquisitions for national and international companies, being an independent international business brokerage company led by a team of highly

Romania expires in 5 months

A Finnish company with nature sound wellbeing interior design products is looking for European distribution partners

The company's unique interior design products bring nature closer to people and helps them to relax. Sound playing dried kelo wood plays relaxing vibrating sounds of nature. The dried wood acts as the membrane of a normal speaker cone,

Finland expires in 5 months