Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Innovate UK EDGE services

Please find below answers to some frequently asked questions about our service. Please contact us if your query is not covered in this FAQ page.

Our FAQ section covers the following list of questions


What kind of businesses do we support?

Typically they have witnessed, or are expecting, strong growth but they can be an early stage, growth stage or scaling business with up to 500 employees (250 in Northern Ireland). As such, they can be pre-revenue or already earning millions. They can come from any sector but in every case their leaders are ambitious to grow further and scale.

They may or may not have been in receipt of Innovate UK funding: Whilst we provide specialist ‘wrap-around’ activities to businesses in receipt of Innovate UK funding to maximise the value and impact of a grant or loan, other innovative high growth potential and scaling businesses that may not need our funding can benefit from Innovate UK EDGE support.  

Do you provide support in every region of the UK?

Our innovation and growth specialists are located in every region of the UK outside of Scotland, bringing a wealth of domain knowledge and regional and national connections to client engagements. In Scotland, equivalent support is provided by our colleagues at EEN Scotland.


How will you work with me?

Our innovation and growth specialists are at the heart of our offer, alongside tools, events, peer-to-peer networks and programmes that foster the connectivity and knowledge that drive innovative businesses forward. 

Our specialists offer one-to-one, bespoke and intensive support and coaching. They provide an external perspective and a structured approach to help senior management teams identify and address critical issues and achieve growth and scaling. They also catalyse business partnerships and enable new market entry. We deploy hundreds of such specialists with backgrounds in a number of sectors, so you can be sure of dedicated support that is local to you, with access to an extensive pool of domain experts.  

Secondly, we can bring an array of resources to bear to help our clients unlock partnering opportunities.  We can connect innovative businesses across borders through our partnerships tool and our connections to an expansive network of specialist advisers overseas, whilst we arrange intensive programmes supported by our specialists such as the Global Business Innovation Programme and highly focused and productive brokerage events.  


Does our support cost anything?

No, our support is funded by the UK Government and until December 2021, partially by the European Commission.


How much time do we benefit from?

Our innovation and growth specialists can spend a number of days with each of the businesses we support over a shorter or longer period, according to need and potential, typically between 5-15 days. 

What is the relationship between Innovate UK EDGE and Enterprise Europe Network (EEN)?

Until December 30th 2020, you would have had support from an EEN innovation and growth specialist. After that date, your support is provided by an Innovate UK EDGE innovation and growth specialist.

Everything else, including our relationship with you, remains the same. EEN also remains a key resource for Innovate UK and a partner for us and we will continue to help you forge international business partnerships through it, among other benefits.

The change reflects the fact that Innovate UK is placing growth and scaling support at the centre of an emerging strategy for business innovation in the UK. From jointly funding the services provided under EEN with the EU, it will be completing a transition to become the sole funder of these services from January 2022.