The Scaleup Programme

The Innovate UK Scaleup Programme helps the highest potential businesses realise their ambitions.
Paul, CEO at Photocentric with his Scaleup Director Chris.

Delivering growth at scale is at the heart of Innovate UK’s emerging strategy for business innovation in the UK. Innovate UK EDGE is a key enabler of this strategic priority and through the Scaleup Programme, helps the highest potential businesses realise their ambitions.

Scaleups have a disproportionately large economic impact: They bring solutions to market, create highly skilled jobs, drive up productivity and maintain UK competitiveness. It is incumbent on us as the UK’s innovation agency to develop businesses that grow through innovation and can go on to do so at a meaningful scale.


Scaling a business for growth

Our bespoke, specialist-led support helps to address the key scaleup challenges. These challenges include but are not limited to access to markets of the future, access to connections and resources and attracting growth capital. The result will be more innovative UK businesses growing and scaling and doing so globally, to build a strong and sustainable economy.

The most outstanding scaling businesses that are disrupting their industries, capable of internationalisation and achieving over 50% growth p.a. are invited to join our Scaleup Programme for enhanced support.


The Scaleup Programme

Innovate UK EDGE’s highly regarded Scaleup Programme provides one-to-one, bespoke and funded support centred around innovative scaleups’ specific needs.

Participants are assigned a Scaleup Director who works with them as their designated single point of contact, to identify key scale up challenges and enablers that the collective resources, skills and connectivity of the board can address. A high level Strategic Advisory Board in turn provides another layer of connectivity and access to resources.

It is available to those companies achieving, or with the potential for, 50% compound annual growth rates (CAGR) and over.

It features a board of high calibre ‘Scale Up Directors’ who provide a matrix of skills and connectivity across domains such as finance, M&A, international markets, IP, supply chains, scale up leadership and talent management.

In addition, participants can learn and share experiences by joining one of four Scaleup Peer Networks organised exclusively for us by the ScaleUp Institute.

Please watch the video below to understand how we have helped Photocentric to scale:


How am I selected for the Scaleup Programme?

Invitation to submit an Expression of Interest

Following an initial call with a Scaleup Director to discuss your strategic growth plans and the Programme’s specific value added support, you will be invited and supported to submit an Expression Of Interest (EOI). Please contact us to initiate the process, or if you are already working with an Innovate UK EDGE innovation and growth specialist, please go through them. 


Evaluation by Scaleup Board

Our expert Delivery Board evaluates all EOIs for eligibility. Those EOIs scoring above set thresholds are collectively considered by the Board for progression to the third selection stage: A site visit by two Scaleup Directors.


'Deep Dive' site visit

During the site visit we will get to know more about your business and start mapping out your scaleup aspirations and challenges in order to compile a detailed report, which will comprise the basis of your final stage selection.


Scaleup Board final evaluation

After the visit your Scaleup Directors will present your company, via the detailed report to the rest of the board, who in turn collectively decide if you are to be  accepted onto the programme.



If your application is successful, you will be assigned a Scaleup Director to develop and deliver your bespoke support action plan, addressing the challenges and enablers agreed with you at the site visit.


You can read more about the origins, structure and benefits of the Scaleup Programme in the ScaleUp Institute's Annual Review 2020

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Paul Holt Photocentric

Innovate UK EDGE has brought my R&D-intensive business huge benefits We have doubled in size this year and its scaling support has been critical.

Paul Holt
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