Bulgarian technology company offers interactive floor for game and education to distributors


Bulgarian company involved in research and development for the IT industry offers innovative interactive floor, designed for children educational play. Using this platform, players can literally jump with their feet on the floor projection of game-play objects, instead of using mobile touch devices. The company is looking for distribution services agreement.

Partner sought

Distribution services agreement is the type of the partnership sought. Ideal partners are: 1./ Distributors of computer hardware and software, games; 2./ Distributors of specialized equipment for schools, kinder garden, other institutions and organizations involved with child care and education. End clients are: 1./ Any type of institutions and organizations involved with child care and education, incl. schools, kinder-gardens, libraries, NGOs, foster homes, etc. 2./ Individuals: families with children in /3-12 years of age/.


This is a young company established by professionals in the field of information technologies, whose main target are nontraditional technology appliances. Some of them: architecture visualization, 3D modeling, interactive multi-touch applications. They are now launching their newest product - interactive floor for game and education, built around the idea of Natural User Interface (NUI). Children can interact with the virtual world by the means of movement and game-play in a natural and fluid way. Kids can literally jump into the virtual projection, play and learn, involving not only mental, but also physical activity in their game. The hardware consists of: a mini PC, a projector and a motion sensor. The installed software contains the tracking and motion detection algorithms that are responsible for tracking players’ steps and translating them into inputs. The interactive floor can be permanently mounted on the ceiling that is at least 2.5 m high. Alternatively, wall mounting is also an option. For less permanent solutions, a light truss or similar constructions can be used. As well, the product kit could be sold without the projector, as any short-throw projector in possession of the client can comply with the system. The system pack include video games, developed specifically for the interactive floor. Some educational institutions already have games that are developed for them. If those games are HTML-browser based, they can be played on the interactive floor out-of-the-box. As well, the company can develop a game on-demand of the particular client. The SME is looking for reliable foreign partners under distribution services agreement, duly described in the Partner Sought section.

Advantages and innovations

Product advantages: 1./ The interactive floor is an application of new generation, following the trends for digitization of traditional education. Its benefits against the traditional mobile touch devices are its intuitiveness and ability to replicate the natural children game. 2./It involves physical activity in the virtual game-play, which is a key aspect for the children health and development. 3./ The games, developed for the platform, are designed to provoke critical thinking, decision making under time constraint, focus on collaboration, etc. Technology advantages: 1. /The system is modular, and can be sold in customized packages, depend on the consumers needs. 2./ Free updates for the software and life-long license. 3./ Each web-based HTML game, is supported by the software /except some particular cases/. 4./ New/customized games can be developed on-demand. Technology innovation: There are several similar platforms, already launched on the market. Unlike them, the object tracking algorithms of this interactive floor, have a precision of about 2 cm. – i.e. an object 2 cm high can be distinguished and tracked from the floor. The software can track any object, that is at least 2 cm. high from the floor. Unlike competitors, the calibration process is mostly automatic.

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