An Italian company offers its ice creams and sorbets under distribution services agreements


This Italian company inherits from its territory the tradition of the ancient art of making gelato. The quality of its products is guaranteed by using the best raw materials obtained in their lands of origin and fresh milk and cream. Craftsmanship meets innovation and the absolute safety of the productive systems used. The company offers under distribution services agreements various specialties: tartufi, desserts, cakes and bulk specialties, intended for all distribution channels.

Partner sought

The Italian company is looking for trade intermediaries worldwide operating in the frozen food market. The potential partner will import the products offered by the Italian company and distribute them to the supermarket chains, wholesalers and retailers specialised on the frozen food market.


This company's factory, located in the South of Italy, occupies an area of 9200 square meters, of which 4070 are covered, and is characterized by the availability of high productivity high tech equipment, which allows an annual production of approximately 1500 tons of ice cream mix. In addition, it has a stocking capacity of 8000 m at -25°C. The plant, with its four process lines, is prepared to meet all market and distribution requirements. The factory has an in-house testing laboratory equipped with sophisticated equipment and expert technical staff, constantly monitoring the products. The products range includes: tartufi, desserts, cakes, tubs, and cups. Tartufo: it is a typical product of Pizzo’s well-known gelato tradition. It is characterised by exclusive dark chocolate, (coffee, limoncello or pistachio) fluid heart and for the careful selection of raw materials. A line of tube of ice creams with a taste inspired by Mediterranean scents. It is available in four different flavors and is made exclusively using top quality raw materials, selected carefully in their lands of origin. The flavors are: pistachio; ricotta and pears; rum and nougat; walnut and figs. A line of tube of ice creams that captures the flavor of gelato’s original traditional recipe. It is made with just a few essential, 100% natural ingredients, and simple raw materials, such as fresh Italian whole milk, coffee, lemon, bergamot, hazelnut and chocolate. The final product is free from gluten, hydrogenated fats, emulsifiers, stabilizers, colours, artificial flavorings, glucose, syrup, dextrose, GMO (genetically modified organism) ingredients, additives, milk powder. Cakes: inspired by Italy’s dessert tradition recipes, they are prepared with a creamy layer of gelato, covered with soft semifreddo and carefully selected ingredients. 2500/2250 g tubs: all-time favourite flavors prepared exclusively with Italian fresh milk and cream, and carefully selected raw materials. Single-serving portions: in glass or in pottery, the singles serving products are available both in ice cream and refreshing sorbet flavours. The company is looking for importers and distributor with the aim to present the products of the Italian company to all the distribution channels and increase the presence of the brand in the market of reference. The cooperation will be carried out under distribution services agreements with international partners worldwide.

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