Polish company offers its metalworking services, 3D CAD designing and steel casting services as subcontractor


The company located in south-eastern Poland is specialised in the area of measurement services for metalworking. The Polish company is searching for companies interested in Polish subcontracting services in field of metalworking and 3D CAD designing. Other type of potential company could be: outsourcing, manufacturing agreement.

Partner sought

The Polish company from Lublin is searching for potential foreign contractors interested to establish cooperation with company offering metalworking, 3D, steel casting services abroad and companies interested in cooperation or/and in the framework of the manufacturing agreement. The role of the potential partner would be to depute part of its total foreign production to the Polish entity. An advantage would be if the potential partner already has got experience in international cooperation and cooperation with foreign subcontractors.


The Lublin company is specialised in sector of metalworking and it offers its services in metalworking, measurement services and 3D CAD services for other entities. The Polish enterprise is ISO 9001 certified and it is member of Lubelskie Airport Cluster which is part of the Aviation Valley Association. At the moment the company is searching for possibilities to cooperate with international companies looking for new subcontractors in Poland in sector of metalworking. The enterprise from Lublin could also act in the framework of service and/or outsourcing/manufacturing agreement. The metalworking and casting services include following services: - length and angle measurements The company performs these types of measurements using a modern Mitutoyo coordination measuring machine and manual tools. The scope of the research carried out includes measurements of: lengths, diameters of shafts and holes as well as deviations of roundness and cylindricity, radii of circular arcs, wedge angles and cones. - roughness measurements This type of measurement consists in examining surface unevenness. The procedure is expertly known as surface microgeometry. The company performs measurements with the use of modern and accurate equipment, which allows it to quickly obtain reliable results. The Mituyoyo machine has a large working range and complies with many international standards, therefore the company can offer high-level measurement services. - hardness measurements Hardness measurements are based on strength tests. In this case, the company checks the susceptibility to deformation of a given material under the influence of concentrated forces acting on a small area. Its laboratory uses the modern Mituyoyo measuring tool, which allows to obtain precise results. - optical measurements Optical measurements are made without contact, based on modern achievements of optoelectronics. They are based on measuring the reflection or scattering of light by the tested object. To carry out this type of tests, the company uses the Mituyoyo vision measurement system, which offers wide possibilities of use, while ensuring high precision of measurements. - non-destructive NDT measurements Among the tasks the company carries out in the field of metrology, there are also non-destructive Network Diagnostic Tool measurements. It performs magnetic, ultrasonic, penetration and visual tests as well as the thickness and hardness of welded joints, castings and forgings. Portable equipment enables the provision of measurement services at the customer's premises or other designated facility. The company can fulfil customers’ needs with high quality products. It is already engaged in the international cooperation. The potential clients could represent many different sectors of industry: automotive, aviation, medical field, textile.

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